Introducing Christmas Holiday Movie Bingo

By Ben Hamill - December 04 2019

We hardly watch holiday movies with Christmas as a central theme for the art of filmmaking. That’s just not the point of watching Christmas movies in the first place. We want to relax and be able to keep up without the requirement of paying attention, even. Binge-watching days worth of content under a colourful quilt or fluffy warm blanket, hot chocolate in hand to keep away the cold, that’s what holiday movies are actually all about. In fact, the more gushy and predicable; lame even; the better.

We do like to (at times) surface a little further up into the world of the conscience and its on days like these that Holiday Movie Bingo is just the thing. Oh, and the chances of actually scoring a BINGO! are very, very high. Simple but satisfying; almost like our Christmas holiday binge-watching movie habits.

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Christmas Is Family Time

Those ready and able enough to drag themselves out from under the comfort of the covers may even like to look into the idea of hosting a full-on Christmas Holiday Bingo family get-together. Everyone from Netflix to Hallmark are making available printable Bingo card templates online, all ready for instant download.

Family time is important during the holidays as we reflect on another year gone by and what the New Year may bring. By adding a twist of fun into the equation, there isn’t much of a chance for anyone to grow depressed or just plain old blue. Its so much fun dabbing out the boxes and really, the predictability of our favourite holiday movies make them all the more compatible with the idea overall.

Exploring The Options

Popular topics to include on Holiday Movie Bingo cards include Town Christmas Festival, Kids Who Love Their Nanny, A Christmas Tree Farm, Main Character Goes Home To A Small Town, New Love On The Horizon, Old Love On The Horizon, etc. Running through the list of possibilities, its quite easy to see why it would not be that hard at all to get a full-house Bingo result.

Best of all is that there’s no need even to come up with the topics ourselves. A variety of free printable Holiday Movie Bingo cards are available on various platforms. There are some vary entertaining Bingo card combo’s available on Pinterest, for one, not to mention on the home pages of Hallmark and even news and actuality giant CNN. The cards are ready to download, print, and have a good old dose of Bingo fun.

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