William And Kate Play Surprise Virtual Bingo

By Ben Hamill - May 27 2020

William And Kate Play Surprise Virtual Bingo

Britain’s Prince William and wife Kate Middleton recently brought a great deal of happiness and certainly many smiles too to a group of highly surprised residents living at Cardiff’s Shire Hall Care Home. The unsuspecting residents were pleasantly surprised when they were suddenly informed that the new Bingo callers about to do their thing on the numbers were none other than the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

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The couple was then tasked with providing the entertaining service of reding out the numbers over a virtual online session. The royals reportedly played their special game of Bingo along with care home residents Margaret Jones, Joan Drew-Smith, Margaret Stocks and Joan Drew-Smith, and apparently seemed to be enjoying calling the numbers even more than their eager listeners, whilst all throughout the game throwing about an impressive selection of Bingo lingo to boot.

In Honour Of Care Workers

In the video posted to Instagram as a way of thanking care workers for their unwavering commitment and service to the ill and the aged, Kate can be seen kicking off the round by reading out a number she then goes on to reveal her eldest son would like if he had been present and had an option regarding which number to pick. Holding up to the screen a green number 55, the Duchess can be heard rhyming away, 5 and 5, snake’s alive, a number apparently favoured by young George.

William is up next and can be seen selecting a red number 17 ball, complete with following up the display with a heartfelt chant of 1 and 7, Dancing Queen, before being treated to a round of laughs from his players for having wondered out loud whether the couple were in fact drawing the numbers badly.

Joan: It Could Have Been Better

Next up it was Kate’s turn again and apparently all it took for a player named Joan to win that particular round of Bingo, was a Duchess-delivered 6 and 2, tickety-boo.  This was followed by the care home bringing the laptop displaying the royals on over to the winning resident. Joan then proceeded to enquire of the future King how the British royals were doing, to which a beaming William can be heard responding that the royals were doing very well indeed.

The Prince then continued the banter by asking Joan how the couple had faired at calling Bingo and whether it had been ‘okay”, to which Joan, much to the amusement at everyone present, replied that it had been good, but perhaps not as good as it should’ve been!

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