The Many Modern Uses of Bingo Cards

By Ben Hamill - December 24 2019

You may think that Bingo cards only really have one specific purpose. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth! Bingo cards are highly versatile and can be used in numerous different settings, not just in the traditional games.

These cards are being used all over the world as teaching aids, props for drinking games, aids for hybrid games at casinos, and even in the artistic world! Read on to find out how these unassuming cards are making a big difference in other parts of the world.

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A Great Educational Tool

Tons of research has been conducted into how playing Bingo can keep the minds of seniors sharp and supple. Interestingly, the game can have similar effects on youngsters, making it the perfect inter-generational educational tool. It stimulates the parts of the brain that deal with memory, learning and everyday cognition, so it’s no surprise that teachers are bringing it into school classrooms and university lecture halls.

With all that said, cards are not used to play real money games in classrooms. Teachers are using them instead during vocabulary lessons and to teach maths, science, history, foreign languages and more. Educators can list the words that students need to know on each card, but in different orders. They can all out the definitions of the words in a random order while their students mark off the corresponding words. The first person to fill out a line or a whole card will win a prize at the teacher’s discretion. In this way, the game is bringing valuable fun and engagement to educational settings without an element of gambling.

Fuel for Party Drinking Games

Bingo cards are also easy to find at parties. They are particularly popular in drinking games, and it’s no secret that booze and Bingo are a match made in heaven. Search ‘Bingo drinking games’ on Google and you will pull up well over 9,000,000 results!

The success of using these cards in a drinking game lies in the fact that you can make up your own versions, create your own rules, and introduce your own prizes. All you need to do is make your own design according to your specific needs and any themes you want to incorporate. After printing them out, stock up on liquor and prizes and ensure that everyone has a dabber and you’ll be ready to host the party of the century.

Spin-Off Games and Social Media

You will also find Bingo cards being used in modern, non-traditional gambling games. The variety of variations on the market today is astounding, but they all tend to use the classic system no matter how weird and wonderful they may be. Keep a lookout for games like Snap and Roulette Bingo too – these fusions pair two casino games together for unconventional fun.

Fascinatingly, Bingo cards are even being used in the world of social media. They are especially popular on Instagram, where people fill in their spaces with words or phrases and mark them off on their Stories in order to better connect with their followers. The cards have also been given the meme treatment, making their way onto Facebook timelines across the planet. Clearly, Bingo has had a wider reach than we ever thought possible!

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