Aspire Global Awarded UK Bingo Licence

By Ben Hamill - September 02 2019

Aspire Global Awarded UK Bingo Licence

Casino tech and games platform provider Aspire Global has its sights set firmly on the European iGaming market. This has been true ever since the company was founded back in 2005. The UK is a significant market for the service provider and as such, the news that Aspire has just been granted a broad-based Bingo licence by the UK Gambling Commission marks a celebratory milestone in the company’s history.

The Bingo licence will enable Aspire to massively expand its existing B2B offering in the UK and the operator will now be in a position to not only offer casino games and sports betting products to its customers, but also Bingo. Britain is a major and significant Bingo market and considered to be one of the biggest in the regulated world today.

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Expansion Will Benefit Partners

Aspire Global CEO Tsachi Maimon considers the expanded iGaming licence to be an exciting opportunity that will enable the provider to offer much more in terms of entertainment and variety potential to its existing operator-partners.

The UK is considered to be a difficult market by any standard and the broader licence will serve Aspire Global in a variety of ways. Maimon explained that what the extended and broadened iGaming licence practically comes down to is a decided and massive market advantage and definite edge over Aspire’s market-contenders.

The Aspire Global team has been working tirelessly and tenaciously at making a significant mark in world markets for going on 15 years and the new extended and expanded licence will be received with open arms and treated as something to be fully capitalised on.

UKGC Tough To Please

Aspire is registered and regulated in various world markets including the UK, Denmark, Portugal, Ireland, Malta and also Sweden. Its services include everything from payments and risk control to full-service casino, Bingo and sports book platforms. The UK is arguably the most difficult of all of the markets served by the provider and meeting the standards of the UK Gambling Commission is considered by many to be a near-impossible feat.

All of the above testifies to the provider’s capabilities and commitment towards creating a culture of socially responsible gaming. This is a topic that continues to make headlines in local regulatory circles and remaining on the positive side of the law is vital if wanting to survive and flourish in the long run.

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