UAE Launches Social Care Bingo Initiative

By Ben Hamill - December 24 2018

UAE Launches Social Care Bingo Initiative

The UAE is doing its bit for elderly residents who qualify to retire in the region. A local healthcare provider has put together a social program involving Bingo, grooming services and day trips. The initiative forms part of the region’s endeavours to make certain visa changes relating to retirees living in the UAE, less intimidating and isolating for elderly residents.

The care support packages will be made available to permanent UAE residents as well as temporary residents visiting the UAE by means of visitors’ visas. Five-year visas for retirees are a relatively new concept and have only recently been rolled out. The care program will be instrumental in ensuring a smooth transition process, especially for the elderly who are known to struggle to adapt in the face of major changes.

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Bingo And More

In order to qualify for a UAE retirement visa, applicants must own property in the UAE, and the value must be at least Dh2 million. Also, qualifying retirees will have more than Dh1 million saved up, or earn more than Dh 20,000 per month in policy or retirement dividends. Applications for retirement visas will only open early next year and those intending to apply have been advised to start getting their supporting documents together in preparation so that the process may progress in a smooth and orderly manner.

The subscription service to the social care package will include healthcare visits and, of course, social support. Senior citizens have indicated that most of all, they wish to remain a functioning part of the community once they reach the age of retirement. The administrators of the initiative have recognised that keeping seniors involved with the rest of the non-retired members of their communities will be the only way to achieve this. And what better way to get everyone into one room and ensure that a lot of fun is had?


Keep On Keeping On

It will be up to the caregivers and nurses to administrate the increased levels of social interactions, and these persons will be called upon to arrange social opportunities such as Bingo nights.

Caregivers will also accompany the elderly to other outdoor activities such as football matches. The idea is to keep them stimulated and prevent the feelings of having been left behind by the rest of society. Retirees often cite this as one of the biggest causes of depression.

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