Tucson Proud To Present Chicken Poop Bingo

By Ben Hamill - May 14 2019

Welcome To Tucson Land Of Chicken Poop Bingo

Every industry has its misfits; its crazy adventurers; those who boldly embrace the madness. We absolutely adore them, Bingo has a couple of them, and some of these just happen to live in Tucson. Ever heard of Chicken Poop Bingo? Well, you have now. Thanks to the good-natured folk of the community of Tucson, Chicken Poop Bingo will be put to good use in order to raise funds in favour of kids whose parents aren’t financially capable of sending them to summer camp.

Chicken Poop Bingo is a joint venture between Tucson Village Farm and the Tucson Hop Shop. Organisers of the very unconventional and special game hope to fund a number of summer camp scholarships from the proceeds.

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Treats And Pooping At Leisure

Tucson Hop Shop will soon become home to a custom-designed Bingo board that is big enough for a hen to move around on quite comfortably. The board will contain 50 squares, and the hen will be given treats and allowed to walk around on the board, pooping at her leisure. If the stink hasn’t clouded your judgement by now, you will most probably have realised where this is going. And if you guessed that poop is indeed a thing of luck, then you are 100% correct.

Mother hen will be a caller of sorts, with the only difference being that she will not be using a PA system to announce the numbers to be ticked off on the cards, but instead, will be making her mark by pooping away on the 50 allocated squares.

Event organiser Elizabeth Sparks was quick to offer the assurance that the pair of hens who had volunteered for the job knew exactly what they were getting themselves into. Their payment will be treats and the leisure to let rip wherever they choose to.

The Luck Of The Drop

A suggested $3 donation gets those wanting to participate in on the action. $3 also gets you a raffle ticket. Should the number on your ticket match a square o’poop on the card, you will receive a prize.

The aim is to raise enough money to fund at least four scholarships. On the day of the event, the Tucson Hop Shop will also donate a portion of its sales for the day towards the good cause. But what kind of high-speed Bingo action are we looking at?

A chicken poops once every 20 minutes. Let that be enough.

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