The Look of Bingo Means a Lot

By Ben Hamill - August 31 2015


Bingo is at its core a kids' game. I call bingo at bingo centres a birthday party game for adults because that's exactly what it is. Just as it's pure entertainment for kids celebrating a birthday, so is it pure entertainment for adults at a bingo hall if the adults don't invest too much money and especially if some or all of the proceeds can go to charity.

Nevertheless, many of us, myself included, also like to play bingo online. Last time I began to talk about important things to look for when choosing an online bingo site. Everything I wrote about last week was about the purely adult aspects of online bingo. As adults, we have to be cognizant of the pitfalls of online gaming. First of all, we send money to the site and we want to know that the money and the corresponding information cannot be hacked.

How Bingo Sites Can Emphasize Fun

This week I would like to return to the child-like aspects of online bingo. This is what makes playing online fun. The things I spoke about last time are necessary elements that build confidence so we can relax and have fun!

Because bingo is a kids' game, we should expect to see bright colours all over the bingo site. I've heard that some players are turned off by the extravagant colours but I love them. I want the colours on the site to be gaudy; the gaudier the better. Mix purple with pink and I swoon! Red and yellow gives me quivers! If I wanted bland colours, I would play casino games or maybe something like online sudoko. Nothing wrong with online sudoko; it's just not my kind of online game.

Player-friendly Sites

I want a bingo room or a bingo site to be colourful and accessible. After that I want it to be easy to maneuver around. All too often, a site has a beautiful rich color scheme but the information is hard to find. The home page is so full of information that I have a hard time figuring out what to do.

I want a bingo site that offers a full range of bingo variations. I like 30 ball, 60 ball, 80 ball, 90 ball and variations thereof. I like when a site creates a bingo game around a theme making the game even more fun to play. One of my favourite variations is 5-line bingo. I also like playing team bingo. That way, when I lose a close one, I can still be happy if the winner was from my team. I am not looking for big jackpots so I avoid sites that promote their progressive or other jackpots.

Communication is Always Important

I also demand excellent customer service. This means 24/7/365 customer service plus a number of ways to receive service. There are too many sites that have only one way to reach them. Some sites have a miniscule support staff so questions take a long time to be answered. I will stay with a site for a long time even if they don't offer every game I want if their support apparatus is top-of-the-line. I always want to feel that as small a cog as I am in their big-time operation, I am important to them and they will respond to my questions quickly.

Free Bingo

A good bingo site will allow players to play any game in free play mode. Some sites have a special section for new players where they play only in free mode. There are a lot of bingo variations and no one likes to feel that a site is taking unfair advantage by pushing players to put money on the line sooner than they are ready.

Happy Birthday to You

I want a bingo site that remembers my birthday and not just to offer me a matching bonus if I make a deposit on my birthday. I like to receive a birthday card from my bingo site. It's a kids' game and birthday cards are a big part of birthdays! I also like to receive a small gift. I don't expect the site to give away a lot but a small online gift is nice.

Mobile Bingo

Mobile gaming has come of age. I have friends who just recently signed on to play mobile games. I have been on mobile bingo sites for a couple of years. The graphics have improved so much that I can comfortably play wherever I am. If I'm in the mood for a few games at night, I usually take my tablet to bed. It's so much less cumbersome than a laptop. It's light whereas my old-fashioned laptop is heavy; it doesn't get hot like a laptop and the screen is so clear that after a few minutes I forget that the screen is smaller than the screens on my other computers. Since I play on my tablet fairly often I like a site that offers special games and other benefits to mobile players.

Unlimited Choice of Patterns

In a bingo centre they have one or two hours to play and then people have to get home so the number of patterns is limited by time constraints. Online there are no such limits so I look for a site that offers every imaginable pattern. I truly enjoy playing exotic patterns.

And We'll Have Fun, Fun, Fun

After we get through the adult aspects of playing bingo online, it's supposed to be pure fun. No one should gamble so much that his or her family must do without. Bingo is a children's game and should be treated as such by players and sites both.