Drive-In Bingo Coming To Two Sudbury Locations

By Ben Hamill - June 19 2021

Drive-In Bingo Coming To Two Sudbury Locations

Players who love dabbing tickets in Greater Sudbury soon will be able to do so at two venues that bring together convenience, social distancing, and a hugely popular game. Players who join the drive-in Bingo offerings at Delta Bingo and Gaming’s Sudbury and Val Caron sites can flash their headlights and toot their horns if they get a winning sequence. The number of cars allowed in the gaming area will be limited, and the appropriate COVID and gambling rules and regulations will be enforced.

The gaming operator’s chief operating officer, Shawn Fisher, said the company thought that taking Bingo outdoors was a good way to encourage players to continue playing a game they enjoy. Fisher added that another, more important, reason for introducing the seasonal drive-in Bingo offering was to continue contributing to the charities the operator supports throughout the province.

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How Drive-In Bingo Works

Fisher explained that there is a 150-vehicle limit in the venues’ parking lots for drive-in Bingo events. Players will need to reserve a parking spot ahead of the game. The limits will be in place to make traffic flow in and out of the lots easier.

While there is no limit on the number of people who can play Bingo within vehicles, all players must be at least 18 years old. When it comes to calling, players will need to tune their vehicle’s FM tuner to 107.5. In addition to flashing headlights and honking horns, players at some of the operator’s sites in other cities also hold signs out of the sunroof instead of yelling ‘Bingo’.

Tips For Beginners

The new drive-in Bingo offerings in Greater Sudbury are likely to attract first-time players. Fisher shared a few tips for beginners.

He recommended arriving early and added that the lots would open for parking two hours before the event starting time. Fisher went on to say that players should bring their own snacks and drinks, as the venue’s food and beverage facilities are still closed. Washrooms will be available, but due to regulations and the size of the building, only two people are allowed inside at one time.

A Seasonal Offering

Fisher told CBC News that the operator plans to offer drive-in Bingo events at various Ontario locations until late August. The offering may continue into the autumn months, although that depends on when provincial plans allow gaming facilities to reopen.

Drive-in Bingo at Delta Bingo and Gaming in Val Caron will begin on 26 June, and it will begin at the operator’s Newgate Avenue, Sudbury, venue on 10 July.

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