Students Take Up Kindness Bingo Challenge

By Ben Hamill - March 01 2019

Students Take Up Kindness Bingo Challenge

All over the world, people from all walks of life and of all ages, are becoming more aware of the power that is to be found in a simple act of kindness. Thanks to a special group of teachers working at Cedar Bluff Middle School in Knoxville, Bingo is the latest facilitator for doing a random act of kindness for someone else, and for no particular reason.

It all started as an initiative among the school’s teachers, but word soon got out about the fascinating Bingo cards that were filled with a list of good deeds to be completed over a one-month period, and before anyone could say lucky-bingo-seat, the students had wormed their way into the game too.

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The Kindness Challenge

6th grade student Reagan Huffaker obviously understands what the initiative is all about, and there’s nothing quite like the sincerity of a child looking to make a difference. Reagan must have had a brush with a couple of difficult days, because now, the 6th-grader has a desire to be kind to others, especially when someone is having a bad day.

The Kindness Challenge, the name given to the very special game of Bingo, really gained momentum when some of the school’s students decided to approach 6th-grade teacher Julie Claxton and requested to be involved too. According to Claxton, children are often underestimated, and according to the teacher, she has in the past drawn a lot of inspiration from the children in her care.

Keen To Be Kind

According to the teacher, the children who had requested to be involved were never told to do so. They wanted to be part of the challenge of their own accord. Another 6th grader, Josh Martinez, points out that nobody should ever be too busy to be kind to someone else. Martinez says that despite his having to complete large volumes of schoolwork, he still wants to make the time to be kind.

Much like a traditional game of Bingo, completing all of the tasks on the card means winning a prize. Students who were successful at having completed all of the acts of kindness listed on their cards by the time the 1st of March rolls around, will receive a very special luncheon in return.

The students and teachers at Cedar Bluff Middle School are all making a difference – one Bingo card at a time.

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