Grocery Bingo Spreads Joy Among Students

By Ben Hamill - September 30 2019

Grocery Bingo Spreads Joy Among Students

The life of a student often revolves around free goodies and most importantly, free groceries. Money isn’t exactly growing on trees for most students and so free food is a real bonus whenever it is to be had; which is exactly why Grocery Bingo is such a hugely popular instalment at Northwest SAC.

September 19 proved to be no exception on the “giving it up for free food” front as a total of 953 students gathered round the Bingo tables at the institution’s recreational centre for a round of Grocery Bingo, each hoping to take home their share of free food items. This year’s number of students in attendance is according to SAC, the biggest number of Grocery Bingo hopefuls to have pitched up yet.

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The Glory And The Frustration

Sophomore student Levi Mueller was the student lucky enough to have won the first round and first lot of groceries. The win was met by a congratulatory round of applause by the other students. Mueller expressed feeling positively ecstatic about the win, especially since fee groceries and other goodies were up for grabs by the individual winners.

But over in camp Jeffrey Sykes, the situation was at the time quite different in that Sykes was the only person at his table who had not yet won and sealed the deal on his share of the free groceries. Sykes grew frustrated because according to the freshman, he had missed being able to cry Bingo by a single number during each and every game played. His peers however, were really revving it up on the win front and the free food. Sykes eventually grew so frustrated that he could be seen shaking his fists at the Bingo cards and his supposed misfortune.

Bingo And Some Dancing

The “unlucky” student eventually grew frustrated at his losing streak and to the point of appointing a proxy to continue to play in his stead. This worked a charm and soon, Sykes too was able to hop and jump on up to claim his share of the free food on the go.

Those students who weren’t as lucky as Sykes were offered a second chance to stake their claim to the free food and goodies and in the form of a dance contest. This proved so popular that at the end of the evening, two dance champions were crowned and two more students got to go home with some free food for the win.

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