Online Bingo Chatroom Reunites Long-Lost Sisters

By Ben Hamill - July 09 2021

Online Bingo Chatroom Reunites Long-Lost Sisters

A pair of sisters who completely lost contact for 15 years has been reunited by chance, thanks to their shared love of Bingo. The sisters last saw each other when they were teenagers.

Amanda and Melissa Paterson started chatting to each other in a Bingo chatroom in February of last year. However, their true identities were at that stage masked by their usernames. It wasn’t until after they realised that they had many common links that the two revealed their true personas to each other.

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15 Years Apart

Amanda admitted that she would think about her sister all the time. However, they had been separated for 15 years and the more that time went on, the more she felt like she could not simply reach out to her sister. She said that she knew that Melissa had her own life. Amanda had children and found out through the family grapevine that her sister had also become a mother. The sisters did not want to interrupt each other’s lives, and both were battling with the fear of rejection from one another – something that Amanda attributes to them both being very stubborn.

At one point, Amanda said that the sisters reached a point where she wasn’t sure if Melissa would even want her in her life. However, she was astonished when in February, she became fully aware of the true identity of the woman she had been talking to all along.

Used To Be Close

Melissa, who at 43 is one year younger than her sister Amanda, said that she was feeling quite isolated before the lockdown started. Her daughter had fallen ill with the chickenpox, so she reached out for some adult conversation. Before losing touch with Amanda, the two were very close and almost inseparable. Their mother loved taking them to Bingo with her, so the sisters took comfort in the fond memories that Bingo brought them. They initially started talking as they each noticed that the other was from Colchester.

When the sisters shared information about the school that they went to, as well as the ages of their children, Amanda had a hunch that the woman she was talking to was her long lost sister. She then sent Melissa a message saying, “Hi sis”, to which she received a response saying “Amanda?”. In that moment, the sisters knew they had found each other once more and soon started making plans to meet up face to face.

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