Oregon Co. Uses Bingo To Make Sidewalks Safe

By Ben Hamill - August 20 2020

Oregon Co. Uses Bingo To Make Sidewalks Safe

A company based on the US west coast has come up with a wonderfully unique idea to create a better awareness of the challenges faced by those who love to walk the streets of Oregon, or even just making use of local sidewalks to get to and from work and other essential destinations. 

Portland non-profit social advocacy group Oregon Walks has created a unique and fun new tool for the purpose of making it fun for people to report sidewalk hazards and obstructions whilst on their daily walks. And not surprisingly, since these reports are logged in the form of a game, Bingo is once again the star of the show. 

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Sidewalk Obstruction Bingo

The name of the game and website is Sidewalk Obstruction Bingo, and it’s a game that works great on mobile devices, which are of course what people are most likely to be carrying about on their walks on the city’s sidewalks. 

The special game of Bingo consists of several squares captained with those obstructions most commonly encountered by walkers on city sidewalks. Listed obstructions and hazards include dog poop, garbage bins, cars, cyclists, ill disposed-of trash (litter), work zones, A-frame signs, cars, and even low-hanging branches. 

Hazards and obstructions such as the examples listed above pose definite risks to the safety and general freedom of movement of those who travel by foot. The company describes sidewalk obstructions being as dangerous to walkers as what typical bike lane obstructions and blockages are to cyclists. A tool that focuses on reporting these hazards is therefore a necessary installation if others are to be fore warned about possible perils present on the road ahead. 

Bingo Makes It Fun

Since people are generally not all that keen to report any sort of incident or event, the idea to re-create the reporting method into the form of a Bingo game is pure genius. And since those who participate get to have their names entered into a prize-draw once they’ve reached a Bingo! result, folks are more eager to share their locations and experiences than ever before. 

The game works by allowing the obstructed walker to report his or her location to Oregon Walks – together of course with the nature of the hazard or obstruction. Since the complaints process is presented in the form of Bingo and offers to the complainant a chance to win a prize, it’s simply a fantastic way in which to collect information about the city’s sidewalk danger hotspots. 

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