Bingo Back In Saskatchewan

By Ben Hamill - July 10 2020

Bingo Back In Saskatchewan

July 9 after an exceptionally long wait at long last saw in-person gaming return to the community of Saskatchewan. The day was anticipated for a long time in advance, as the latest regulations now authorise the return not only of live casino games and offerings, but also of live Bingo gaming at physical halls and venues. In-person Bingo games were made to live through an extended period of hiatus too. This not only had an effect on the players making their way to Bingo-night every week, but also on those charity organisations relying on Bingo as a highly valued source of charitable income.

Since Saskatchewan casinos and Bingo halls have been closed ever since around mid-March, being in a position to reopen and do business is being hailed a welcome affair. When businesses were ordered closed in March, government wasn’t able to provide any guidance regarding a possible timeline. This obviously caused even more uncertainty and financial challenges for businesses not having been able to plan or budget ahead.

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Caution Now The New Normal

Casino Regina and Casino Moose Jaw on Thursday welcomed their first patrons after the extended hiatus. But reopening hasn’t been without its challenges either, as several health and safety measures have had to be implemented by the venues so as to ensure a successful reopen and perhaps even more importantly, a successful stay open.

Casinos now have to ensure that government health and safety guidelines are strictly adhered to, including the keeping of sufficient physical distances between people, the wearing of facemasks, sanitizers being readily available and placed at strategic points at entrances and on gaming floors, and an initial slots-only offering. Since table games are considered especially risky in terms of close proximity required between people, these types of games will not be part of the initial reopening offerings.

More Safety Measures

But sanitizers and reduced offerings aren’t the only things players should be aware of as they make their way to the province’s in-person gaming venues. Players will also be encouraged to wear protective gloves when playing slots and should be aware of reduced operating hours and occupancy limits.

As far as business hours are concerned, Casino Regina will be welcoming players between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 a.m., and Casino Moose Jaw will be doing the same between 9 a.m. and 2 a.m. Players should also be aware that sanitizing will be taking place at two-hourly intervals. This is to ensure the safety of all employees and guests.

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