Rotary Clubs Helping Others With Online Bingo

By Ben Hamill - November 04 2020

Rotary Clubs Helping Others With Online Bingo

Since it is the mission of Rotary International to stand in service and support working towards the goodwill of others, community and charity events are an important part of what the organisation does. And since Bingo is stalwart go-to activity for all things community and charity, the two Rotary Clubs in Cranbrook, B.C., have launched Rotary Community Online Bingo.

All games can be accessed via the public Facebook group Rotary Community Online Bingo by the Rotary Club of Golden, B.C. Online Bingo games will every Friday night be hosted via live Facebook feed – with the cost of a Bingo card only $10 for five games to be played.

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Humble Beginnings

The project is a joint charity venture by the Cranbrook Rotary Club and the Cranbrook Sunrise Rotary Club. All proceeds will be evenly shared and be used to support several local community projects, the clubs have said.

 The project first got underway in April 2020 – with the initial focus on helping people connect socially amid stay-at-home conditions. It however soon expanded into a project much bigger than originally anticipated – eventually transitioning into a full-on community support initiative.

Bingo Long In The Charity Game

The idea of charity Bingo is obviously far from new. In fact, historians mostly accept Bingo to have emerged because of charity.

It all started when a pastor of a church approached the inventor of the game for help with the raising of funds for his church. Since those humble beginnings, Bingo has matured and grown into a charitable fundraising titan of a game.

Bingo has therefore long stood central to acts of kindness and doing good to one another. So much so, that “doing good unto others” is today the main reason many Bingo sites exist. Countless Bingo sites are set up specifically for the purpose of raising much-needed funds for charities and community causes.

Choosing The Best Site

Online Bingo sites focusing mainly on charitable support typically contribute a set percentage of all wagers – rather than profits – to community organisations. This helps create the peace of mind that those who choose to play Bingo for a good cause are actually helping to support others in a meaningful and significant way.

What makes Bingo such a popular fundraising tool is a combination of several benefits. Not only is online Bingo sociable and incredibly fun, but it is also very much a win-win activity. Even when players “lose”, they still emerge and end up feeling like winners. Thanks to Bingo, giving back has never felt quite so good. 

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