Restaurant Bingo Hits Instagram

By Ben Hamill - January 28 2019

Restaurant Bingo Hits Instagram

It’s easy to see why bingo and social media are a match made in heaven. While the game is highly social in nature and also extremely versatile, websites like Facebook and Instagram have enough of a following to take the pastime to new heights.

Incidentally, this is exactly what has happened with the latest big trend on Instagram. So-called ‘restaurant bingo’ has taken Houston, TX by storm by allowing the region’s most passionate foodies to play an engaging game on their story timelines by using gaming cards to swap notes on the best eateries they have visited.

Social media influencer and US national Julie Nong (also known as Julie Julez) created the cards in a bid to stand out and get locals excited about the many great cuisines and restaurants in Houston. Nong is a well-known food blogger who also does freelance projects in social media and graphic design. She sees her Insta page as a gathering place for everything she is passionate about, and also a way to showcase her unconventional and fun-loving side.

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Twenty-Four Spots on Every Card

By fusing her social media skills with her talent for design, Nong is now successfully drawing attention to her innovative restaurant bingo cards that she puts on her story page. Every card is based on a different group of Houston eateries, based on the cuisines and experiences they offer. Twenty four venues are featured on every template, and from there, Nong’s followers can screenshot the cards, mark off the places they have visited, and share it to their own stories.

Nong has said that she would love to see similar games on Instagram for things such as travel, on which you would cross off the places you have visited. This, she added, inspired her own idea for a Houston-centric restaurant template.

Her first template boasted a range of restaurants in the state’s Chinatown. She has since created cards for Chinatown desserts, noodle bars, tea and tapioca shops, seafood restaurants, coffee spots, and even taco eateries. All of the templates can be found on her Instagram profile under her ‘Bingo’ highlight.

Innovative Take on a Classic Game

In order to find the perfect places to appear on her cards, Nong uses Facebook, Google, Yelp and specialized food groups and websites that list Houston’s best. She also picks places that have very high ratings or the most positive reviews. She has noted that she also tries to choose spots that are lesser known in order to give them some valuable exposure in the process and remain unpredictable in her templates.

The bingo cards serve as both a checklist for folks who want to explore specific restaurant types on a deeper level, and a bragging right for those who want to show off their knowledge in certain food genres. Either way, Nong’s creative repurposing of a classic gambling game has created an all-new way for people to learn and share new restaurants in today’s digitized world.

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