Kinsmen Bingo Celebrates Record $3M Win

By Ben Hamill - April 07 2021

Kinsmen Bingo Celebrates Record $3M Win

Long-time Manitoba Bingo host and broadcaster Kathy Kennedy says this past weekend’s $3 million win at Winnipeg’s Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo was one of the ultimate highlights of her more than three decades with the popular contest. When not positioned behind the microphone at 680 CJOB, Kennedy hosts the popular weekly Bingo run, and had been present for Saturday night’s smashing big win.

Kennedy said although she’d been hosting Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo for thirty years, she’d never been part of any game quite as exciting as Saturday’s event. Everyone involved with the weekend’s proceedings had been hoping and praying for the jackpot to finally be won, said Kennedy, if only to end all of the “Bingo card madness” and anticipation.

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Charities The Real Winners

Even though the winner of the big Bingo prize cheque will undoubtedly be smiling all the way to the bank, Kennedy said the real Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo winners are those charities benefiting from the weekly contest.

Several charities are supported by Kinsmen Club of Winnipeg, explained the popular caller and host, with a portion of each Bingo card sold donated towards a good cause. Since literally millions of dollars have been raised for the charities raised by the venue in this way, those organisations have been the true winners all throughout, she explained.

Doing Good Since 1924

Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the Kinsmen Club of Winnipeg has been supporting local non-profits and community groups since 1924.

Bingo has been around for a big portion of the time since then and now, with Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo doing its bit for community aid for over three decades. Kinsmen, Kinette and Kin clubs have been the hands and feet doing the important groundwork for community-minded people ever since the 1920s, and have become known for making Canadian towns and cities better places to be and live and work.

The clubs help raise funds for several Canadian charities, drive community projects while providing a strong hand of leadership, and even provide network and training opportunities for registered members.

Bingo The Helping Hand

Bingo has been a “helping hand” in its own right all throughout the crisis the world has been facing since early last year.

Not only has the game supported people socially during times of physical distancing, but Bingo has also helped raise money for many charities all over the country and world during precariously difficult times. Bingo truly has helped keep communities connected with those in need. 

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