Bingo Loco To Host Rebecca Black On Tour

By Ben Hamill - March 13 2020

Bingo Loco To Host Rebecca Black On Tour

Covid-19 may have been pooping sports parties left right and centre, but at least Bingo seems to be right and ready for the next Bingo Loco event series to tour Australia during the month of May. And better still is the news that internet pop icon Rebecca Black has confirmed that she will be doing a series of guest performances as part of triple j celebrity Alex Dyson’s Bingo Loco “Bingo Rave” on-tour event.

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Black (think “Friday”) will be joined by Nikki Webster, who will according to ten little birds be performing her own 2001 hit “Strawberry Kisses” alongside whatever it is that Black will be bringing to the party. Talk about a royal Bingo treat Down Under.

Not Your Usual Game

Bingo Loco, for the benefit of the unlikely few who do not yet know, is an interactive Bingo rave, and something that basically transforms the game we’ve known and played for ages into a production the likes of which your grandma hasn’t seen. There’s music, usually a lip-sync battle, dance-offs, live comedy and sometimes even a confetti show. All in all, its Bingo goes big time music-production and needless to say, its popular. Very popular.

But if at this point in the conversation you’re wondering if anything remains of the original game, then rest assured, the magic of Bingo is what continues to hold it all together. Every year Bingo Loco up with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and this time round, it’s the organisation’s Australia branch that will benefit from the proceeds of the production. The Make-A-Wish Foundation helps create special bucket-list experiences for children who are critically and/or terminally ill, funding everything from celebrity surprise-visits to skydives.

See You In Aus

The Australia tour kicks off on May the 22nd (yes, it’s a Friday!) at The Big Top arena in Luna Park, Sydney. Be there or be square. Period. It then moves on to Freo. Social in Fremantle on May 23rd. May 29 and May 30th, respectively, will see the show making its way first to the Melbourne Pavilion and then on the Saturday, to the Fortitude Music Hall in Brisbane.

The events are awesome fun and certainly puts a new spin on a classic concept. Bingo remains a hit among players all over the world and so it’s quite nice to see it being adorned in brand new colours and styles.

Here’s to Bingo.

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