Pro Tips for Avid Bingo Players

By Ben Hamill - December 27 2019

Bingo is enjoyable from the very first time it’s played, and with practice it’s possible to develop great strategies and skills too. Experienced players have several tricks up their sleeves, to help them have more fun and win more money. Some of the best pro tips are listed below.

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Make Your Deposits at the Right Time

The key to making Bingo deposits at the right time is to do so when the bonus offers are the highest. You should check where this is at each site you visit, but as a general rule of thumb the biggest promotions can be found between 6 and 11 pm each night.

Join Jackpots When the Payouts are High

Knowing when a progressive jackpot is about to be triggered is not an exact science, and players will probably make a few mistakes as they try to bet close to when the payout will be made. However, being wrong about joining a jackpot every now and then is preferable to the large losses that can be incurred by signing on too early. If that happens, you are likely to spend a lot of money simply watching the prize pot grow.

Play Low-Value Games During the Day

Fewer people are able to participate in Bingo during the day, which means if you buy several low-value tickets you stand an excellent chance of winning.

Play High-Value Games in the Evening

You’ll be going up against more contestants in the evening, so the prize pools in the high-value games will go up to even higher levels.

Play Chat Games Often

Chat games involve hosts that run small side games at the same time that you’re playing Bingo. For example, they might ask you to name something that is found in bathrooms and begins with “S”. If you’re the first person to say “shower” you’ll win a few extra dollars or tickets. The prizes are small but you always get something, and the chat games are a lot of fun in their own right.

Check for Special Offers

Take a close look at the promotions page whenever you log into a Bingo site, and if the operator has a newsletter you could also sign up to receive emails to keep you updated on the latest bonuses. That way, you can be sure that you don’t miss out on any of the bankroll-boosting special offers you are entitled to.

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