Positivity Bingo A School Success

By Ben Hamill - January 03 2020

A group of eleventh graders at Kitchener’s Eastwood Collegiate Institute are spreading positivity around their school in a unique and simple way; they’re playing Positivity Bingo. The big lesson being learned by the business class students, as well as anyone who participates, is that small actions can have big impacts.

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A Positivity Challenge

The Bingo games are part of a larger exercise that teacher Will Martin runs with his class every semester. He asks the group to come up with an idea that will resonate with their peers and is “worth getting out there” and then challenges them to do just that.

This year, the simple-but-effective idea that was suggested was a campaign to boost general positivity among students during the so-called “pre-holiday slump” – the time of year when exams loom while the weather is cold and dark.

As well as hosting Positivity Bingo, the eleventh graders are screening funny videos, putting up motivational messages around their school and finding other ways of boosting morale. In the words of one of the campaign’s creators, Jack Clancy, they are helping youngsters “feel better about their high school experience”.

Bingo’s Good Energy

Regular Bingo players often remark on how much fun the game is, and how its sociable nature brings people together. The Eastwood Collegiate Institute learners upped Bingo’s feel-good factor even more in their Positivity version with the prizes that they awarded.

Winners get to pop a balloon that contained an inspirational message, and also get to collect a chocolate bar to make the experience even sweeter. The simple concept has been a roaring success; teenagers have fun, reenergise, and by the end of the lunch period activity they’re ready to face the rest of the school day.

Clancy, who is one of the number callers, admits that the messages can be a little “cheesy”, but notes that they work well in the context of the game. Students feel “Invited”, “warm” and “welcome” when they participate in Positivity Bingo, he explains.

A Great Life Lesson

The enthusiasm that Martin’s class has for the project has swept through the school in what he describes as a “school contagion effect”. As more youngsters play and enjoy the game, word spreads, others are drawn in and the phenomenon grows.

The concept of doing a small amount of good from wherever you are, and watching the changes it can effect, is a powerful lesson for business and the rest of life. Tomorrow’s leaders learning it early, and in the safety of their high school, can only be good.

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