The Positive Side of Online Bingo

By Ben Hamill - July 21 2016


The news coming out of bingo halls is becoming less and less positive. A woman and her son were shot outside a bingo hall near Manchester, England. This might be an isolated incident and unrelated to the goings on inside the bingo centre. But as bingo centres come to resemble casinos more and more, they will attract a far different type of clientele than the kind I always expected to see at any bingo hall in the not so distant past.

This is quite a departure for me, to speak out favorably about online bingo versus bingo at a hall but it seems that the time has come to play online unless you can be sure that the bingo centre in your area is still safe.

Choose a Bingo Site Carefully

In my last blog I began talking about how to choose an online bingo site. Reputation is of paramount importance. After all, you'll be giving the site some personal information and some money. At a bingo centre, you can pay cash and get a card and have a great time daubing and talking with long-time friends.

Well, the long-time friends are also staying home. Their places are being taken over in many places by hip hop electronic games, not all of them bingo. There are, of course, still many good charitable bingo centres that do good work and help support local organizations.

But, increasingly, playing bingo at a centre is coming to resemble playing online. When that happens, why not simply stay at home and play online?

The second thing to consider when choosing an online bingo site is variety. Does the site have a number of different games? Some sites have more variety than others.

A bingo site should be aesthetically pleasing. Here I mean more than pinks and purples. The site may have many good things going for it but if they don't have a pleasing appearance you will enjoy your time there much less.

A bingo site must allow you to play for free to determine if you like the site enough to deposit and play for money. In fact, I think that many people who play online play at many different sites always for free. The small amount you pay to play at a center is the cost of admission; online, if you're not chasing a big win, why not play for free?

I like to put a little money down when I play but I read that a woman bought $650 worth of tickets at a centre in New York State and hit it big, winning $1,000,000. I am becoming less and less enamored of the idea that I might be playing at a centre with people who will buy $650 worth of tickets hoping to hit it big.

Payout Percentages Vary so be Wary

A good bingo site should state outright what the payout percentage is for bingo. A payout of over 90% means that the site is not shortchanging its customers. Some bingo sites, especially ones run by Provinces, return far less than 90% to players.

The Virtues of Playing Online

I have to make a confession; I was playing bingo at a full-fledged online casino and took a break to sample their casino games and I loved it! Old Sue Clark is a-changin' her ways!

The bingo games offered at this online casino were fun to play, easy to watch, and I found myself enjoying myself immensely. Then I decided to try may hand at a couple of casino games. Since I was playing at an online casino, I could simply leave the bingo area and enter any other area as I wished.

So I decided to play blackjack.

A Blackjack Neophyte

I had always wanted to get to know blackjack a bit more because it seemed like a game I might like to play. There is a lot of luck involved, of course, but there is a definite cerebral side as well. I quickly found that there are many situations where I might like a handy chart to show my best playing option.

Strategy Cards

These handy charts exist all over the internet and are called strategy cards. A good strategy card will help you even the odds between you and the casino so you can play for an hour or more and come close to breaking even. And on a good day, you'll end up beating the house! I also decided that if I play bingo or any other casino game and come close to breaking even, I could simply donate some money directly to local groups that do still need our support.

Blackjack Variety

There are many different blackjack variations. Some online casinos offer as many as 40 different blackjack games. As I was unfamiliar with even the most basic blackjack, I realized that it would take me some time to learn the nuances of several different forms of blackjack.

But I have the time. I began with a simple blackjack variation. Before I started I did a simple search of blackjack terms and options and I quickly learned that insurance is not a good bet. I was happy to see that the casino I was playing at didn't offer insurance in the version I was playing. Good for them!

I don't know if playing bingo or other casino games online will ever replace centre bingo for me. I do know that a good, solid online casino has a lot of entertainment to offer.

I suspect that I will have more surprising things to talk about next time!