Player Posts Complaint About Bingo Canada

By Ben Hamill - December 01 2018

Player Posts Complaint About Bingo Canada

A player at local online gaming operator Bingo Canada (BC) recently approached the brand’s team with a complaint about the service she received at the website.

According to the complainant, she had followed all of the website’s rules, under which she believed that when bonus bets were changed over to cash they became hers and fulfilled her wagering requirement. Sandra, the player in question, said that when she went to cash out, the website told her that she had a ‘bad bet’ and gave her a session ID number instead.

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BC Accused of Misleading Punters

For two days, Sandra carefully pored through her results, but never managed to find her number. When she approached the team, she claims that they told her that she had made bets on 12 bingo cards, each of which had cost $1. She stated that the customer support team told her that she was not technically allowed to make any bets or spins of more than $5, and argued that her bets had only ever been $1 or $2 each in value.

In the player’s eyes, the definition of a ‘bet’ or ‘spin’ pertains to casino games and not bingo. In the latter game, she said, you purchase cards and win a set amount, which led her to believe that she had done everything correctly and that Bingo Canada’s team was deliberately trying to mislead her.

For two months, she says, she has been trying her best to submit relevant paperwork so that she can withdraw her winnings. Apparently, she deposited her money on November 7, and was sure that by the 9th she was playing with her own cash. She accused the brand of finding ways to avoid paying out their customers unless they are high rollers, saying that she caught the staff lying to her and has the email records to prove it.

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Player Found to Be in the Wrong

To top it all off, Sandra stated in her complaint that the website also advertised falsely on their website by saying that on Wednesdays and Saturdays, players could enjoy 600% bonuses. She reportedly deposited at 11pm Pacific Time, only to learn that the website in fact operates according to EST times, leading to her missing out on the bonuses.

Casino Players Report promptly contacted the operator to discuss the matter. It was indeed found that, upon checking the game logs, the aforementioned customer had placed bets of over $5 while playing her bonus that she was trying to cash – a clear violation of Bingo Canada’s terms and conditions.

It was for this reason, the company said, that her withdrawal request could not be approved, and her winnings were voided. Upon learning that the player had also made a $12 bet on top of this, CPR marked the complaint as resolved, siding in Bingo Canada’s favor. They also warned players to double check their max bet limits at their casinos’ terms and conditions before playing their bonuses.

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