Vancouver’s Planet Bingo A Beacon Of Hope

By Ben Hamill - August 13 2019

Vancouver’s Planet Bingo A Beacon Of Hope

Planet Bingo in Vancouver is the largest hall in the Lower Mainland region and its management is particularly proud of the sheer size of the 400-seater venue. But this BCLC owned powerhouse is about much more than just a place where people come to give winning a few dollars a shot. Planet Bingo is operated specifically for the benefit of Community Gaming Management Association and has become a charitable as well as a historical beacon of hope in the community, having hosted regular games at the Mount Pleasant War Memorial Community Co-operative building for some decades now.

Planet Bingo was originally named Starship Bingo, and when the electronic version of the game came to town in 1988, the venue became more popular than ever before. Marketing Manager Abby Dy explains that whilst the most seasoned players are able to manage 20 cards at any given time at most, electronic Bingo players are easily able to manage up to 60 games at once.

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The Community Always Wins

Players immensely enjoy being able to adopt a more serious approach to their favourite game, thanks to the presence of electronic machines at Planet Bingo. But there’s another side to the story too, and one that involves the many benefits in favour of the local community.

Planet Bingo is what is commonly referred to as a “profit for non-profit organisations”. What this basically comes down to is that whatever isn’t spent on prize money and overheads, is distributed among the venue’s registered member charities. The charities benefit mostly the local community and surrounds and so Planet Bingo is a true beacon of hope in more than just a couple of ways.

About More Than Prize Money

According to Dy, about 60% of the proceeds generated by the hall goes right back into more prize money for future events. This ensures that the prize money on offer remains alluring to those players who play with the intention of making money. The remaining 40% is then utilised to pay the day-to-day expenses involved in running the show, with the rest going towards charity.

But Planet Bingo serves yet another purpose, and in many ways, perhaps this one is the most significant of all. It’s also the place where hundreds of people find a sense of community; a sense of belonging and social and mental well being. This is the place where people come to sit down, see friends, make new friends, and just have some good old-fashioned fun, says Dy.

Dy explains that Bingo isn’t at all a game exclusively for senior citizens. In fact, the majority of Planet Bingo’s players range between the ages of 35 and 55.

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