Raleigh Diner Gets Innovative With Car Bingo

By Ben Hamill - March 24 2020

Raleigh Diner Gets Innovative With Car Bingo

It’s heartening to see that even in particularly challenging times, people aren’t losing their sense of fun and innovation. Bingo players, especially, have been adopting creative means in an attempt to keep engaging with their favourite pastime and also to do good unto others as the world continues to reel from the Coronavirus pandemic.

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With all Bingo halls and casinos and even businesses and schools all closed, the community of Raleigh, North Carolina, were at least able to do what players know best how to do: play Bingo and do so in support of a good cause. And all without anyone having got into close proximity with anyone else. How did they manage to pull off such a stunt? Parking lot Bingo!

Bingo & Dining With A Twist

Thursday night Bingo at Tavern on the Green at Eagle Ridge in Garner looked a bit different on Thursday past than what would usually be going down on a typical Thursday evening at the restaurant or at the games. Instead of convening in typical community fashion around tables and snacks, attendees remained seated either in their cars or on lawn chairs appropriately socially distanced.

Attendees were able to order in from the local restaurant by texting their orders and receiving deliveries in the manner prescribed by the CDC and in terms of social distancing rules. All Bingo materials, i.e. paper, crayons, etc., were disposable and discarded in a safe and responsible manner after the evening’s proceedings.

Prizes mainly consisted of vouchers for local restaurants. And if anyone happened to get a Bingo! then hooting was the thing to do.

Helping Others Catch A Break

Not only did Thursday night Bingo with a twist endeavour to promote local businesses during trying times, but folks were at least able to get out and for a few hours forget about the current global crisis caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

It’s important to remain in touch with others during challenging times, even if separated by a car and glass window. This affords to people a sense of being in it together, even when not physically close to one another.

And for the employees at Tavern on the Green, the special initiative means that there is money on the table and a means to buy food for their families. The main focus is to keep people employed, says Rocco Sammartino Jr., who runs the Tavern on the Green restaurant. Parking lot Bingo is a creative way in which to achieve exactly that.

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