Parking Lot Bingo Comes To Windsor

By Ben Hamill - July 14 2020

Parking Lot Bingo Comes To Windsor

Fancy a game of Bingo and all dressed up but with nowhere to go? Windsor residents this past weekend finally got to enjoy their long-awaited fill playing Parking Lot Bingo at the All Star Gaming Center. And it was quite the sight to behold too as 450 eager enthusiasts made their way to Windsor’s newest gaming and entertainment hotspot.

Online Bingo certainly has played its part keeping enthusiasts entertained. Even so, players have missed being able to get together at a central location and enjoy the social and festive atmosphere they so love and cherish.

Folks need something to look forward to during challenging times, says Community Gaming & Entertainment Group President Tony Rosa, and Parking Lot Bingo at Walker Road and Ottawa Street is ready to answer to the call. The spacious parking lot is the perfect safe and fresh-air alternative to being stuck at home trying to connect with fellow Bingo-lovers online.

And best of all is – since the gaming fun is being overseen by Winsor/Tecumseh charity organisation Community Gaming & Entertainment Group - Parking Lot Bingo is for a good and charitable cause too.

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More Events To Come

Now that the organisers of Parking Lot Bingo have seen for themselves exactly how fantastic an idea playing in the lots really is, they’ve announced their readiness to host more similar events in the future. The thrill of in-person gaming is a joy nearly impossible to copy with a “second-best” consolation online event, and Parking Lot Bingo is proving itself to be the perfect antidote to a pretty boring new “normal”.

The idea was in fact inspired by yet another “safe in your car” social get-together event. The folks responsible for having come up with Parking Lot Bingo say they drew their inspiration from the popular idea behind drive-in cinemas. It worked perfectly for movie-goers, and it works perfectly for Bingo enthusiasts too.

Going On The Radio

The inaugural instalment of the event took place a little over a month ago, and the second of the events this past July 11. More will follow soon. Cards were purchased beforehand, and the caller’s voice calling the numbers was broadcast into each car much in the same way as would a drive-in film.

At least 80 charity organisations now get to benefit from the special Parking Lot Bingo events. Not to mention even the players eagerly joining in the gaming fun.

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