Online Bingo Helps Rotary Clubs Do Good Work

By Ben Hamill - May 13 2021

Online Bingo Helps Rotary Clubs Do Good Work

Since the outbreak of the global health crisis, many charities and community clubs have had to shelve their usual fund-raising initiatives because of safety concerns, physical distancing, etc. But the Golden Rotary Club realised very quickly that the need for community help and support was suddenly much bigger and more widespread than ever before, and that something needed to be done. That “something” turned out to be online Bingo. 

Cranbrook Sunrise Rotary Club joined the Golden Rotary Club’s Rotary Community Online Bingo initiative only as recently as October last year, and already they’ve managed to donate a cool $33,000 of the funds received to organisations in desperate need of help and financial relief. 

How the online Bingo initiative works is that every participating Rotary Club receives a percentage of the funds raised by the online games events – with the percentage determined by the number of cards sold. Funds are then dispersed back into the community in support of charities, non-profits, and a variety of humanitarian efforts.  

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Bingo For Doing Good 

The Cranbrook Sunrise Rotary Club kicked off their involvement with charitable online Bingo by way of a joint effort with the Cranbrook Rotary Noon Club. By doing this, each club was ultimately able to donate $5,000 to East Kootenay Regional Hospital Foundry Project. 

More donations soon followed, including $10,000 towards the Key City Raise the Curtains, $10,000 towards the Elko Train Project, a project of the Cranbrook Archives, Museum and Landmark Foundation, and even $8,000 towards the We Bike project, an initiative that promotes safe cycling. 

How Its All Grown

The Golden Rotary Club first started online Bingo back in April of 2020. After collaborating with the BCLC and gaming enforcement so as to ensure approved online Bingo, the club very quickly saw the fruits of its labour begin to pour in. 

Today, only a little over a year later, there is a total of 16 Rotary Clubs involved in the online Bingo community project: Golden, Cranbrook Sunrise, Cranbrook Noon, Radium Hot Springs, Kimberley, Invermere, Rossland, Creston, Waneta, Trail, Nelson, Grand Forks, Castlegar Noon, Castlegar Sunrise, Fernie, and Waneta. 

Golden Rotary Club takes care of the online Bingo calling, with prize pots available to players ranging between $750 and a cool $10,000. 

Online Bingo enthusiasts wanting to support the phenomenal work done by the clubs can purchase cards at the Golden Rotary Shopify store. There’s also an option to choose which Rotary Club it is players would like to support when purchasing their tickets. 

Enjoy ONLINE BINGO now. Play for fun and to WIN!