Why Online Bingo Is Enjoying A Revival

By Ben Hamill - January 25 2020

Why Online Bingo Is Enjoying A Revival

Online Bingo may very well be headed in the direction of a global resurgence as online gaming in general continues to make headlines. This is very much a case of one sector garnering support for all related sectors and as far as the game of Bingo goes, its tenacity and tendency towards longevity makes it to be pretty much a perfect fit to the bigger online gaming picture.

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Much of its success as well as future projections are hinged on the ongoing boom of new markets emerging all the time. Various world jurisdictions are currently in the process of legalising online gaming, which will of course in turn make way for online Bingo too. And what with Bingo’s popularity knowing no bounds in general, it’s only a matter of time before online Bingo becomes bigger than big on a massive global scale.

One Thing Leads To The Next

Countries most likely to adopt and legalise online Bingo are those already home to a legal and regulated land-based casino industry. What often happens is that those countries to have already legalised land-based gaming are quickest to implement a legal framework for online casino games too.

So all things considered, there are number of markets now perched on the precipice of taking the leap in the world of online gambling. Some are currently further down the progress line than others, but all in all, it all adds up to a promising combination indeed.

These Are The 3 To Watch

When looking at emerging markets most likely to witness an online Bingo boom in the near future, there are three that really tend to stand out. They are North America, Germany and of course, Japan. All three currently are currently navigating certain grey areas in terms of gambling games, and specifically online gambling games. But by the same token, all three are more than likely to pass the relevant legislation sooner rather than later.

North America is without a doubt furthest along in terms of legislation. In fact, sports betting is changing the face of the entire industry. The situation very much varies from one state to the next, what with states being at liberty to decide whether or not to authorise betting on sports and engaging in online gambling.

And then there’s Germany and Japan; both currently battling it out on the legislation front. Japan will in all likelihood launch its first IR Resort this year and once all 3 of its approved resorts are up and running, it’s only a matter of time before the country legalises online gambling and online Bingo too.

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