Pragmatic Play Launch Bingo Blast

By Ben Hamill - April 29 2020

Pragmatic Play Launch Bingo Blast

Part of Bingo’s magical appeal is its relaxing laid-back nature. In fact, it’s a game that caters for every preference, with some choosing to dab at various cards at once and others preferring to choose a more relaxed pace of play. Those currently enjoying their gameplay online will be happy to know that leading iGaming software developer Pragmatic Play has unveiled a brand-new type of fast-paced Bingo for everyone’s enjoyment. Bingo Blast is the latest craze to be introduced to the exciting world of online play and Pragmatic Play has ensured that picking-up-the-pace is pretty much how it’s going to be done this time round.

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In fact, Bingo Blast is the perfect coming together of the classic format meets race-car-speed Bingo. The latest Pragmatic Play release is intended to bridge the divide between the relaxing pace of old and a modern-day quick-paced entertainment experience.

Buy Your Ticket To Play

Bingo Blast is a nostalgic reminder of how we used to play the game before the advent of the Internet of Things. Players start out by purchasing tickets as if for a typical round of the classic game. Once tickets have been purchased, its time for the first blast of balls to come cascading across the player’s screen. The first wave of balls is only the beginning. Once these have fallen, the next wave commences almost immediately, with the rest following in rapid succession until such time as a winner is determined for that particular round.

The latest online creation is a particularly proud accomplishment for Pragmatic Play and something the developer says its well-pleased with in terms of the final product. Bingo Blast is a celebration of what high-velocity gameplay is all about, says Claire McDaid, who is the Vice President of Bingo at Pragmatic Play. It’s exactly this fast-paced style of play that makes the game a force to be reckoned with.

Classic Meets Modern

But more than the next big thing, the latest game to have come from the ranks of the award-winning developer is very much; in the words of McDaid; a classic game for a modern society of gamers.

Pragmatic Play is a truly prolific developer and creates and publishes as many as four new online slot titles each and every month. Its award-winning portfolio consists of online slots, online Bingo, and a host of online table games. Pragmatic Play without a doubt has something for everyone’s taste and preference.

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