Slingo Originals Stun With Slingo Lightning

By Ben Hamill - December 01 2020

Slingo Originals Stun With Slingo Lightning

Slingo Originals have once again nailed the crossover from Bingo into the wonderful world of online video slots with the release of their electrifying new Slingo Lightning title. The 5x5 Bingo slot boasts several thrilling features and a solid supply of special effects as a dark and ominous storm continues to brew in and around the game area.

The action is fast-paced, and the anticipation hyped to the max as players strike their winning numbers off the grid. Since Slingo Lightning has 50 Bingo balls instead of the traditional 75, the number of opportunities to create matches and striking numbers off the grid are exponentially increased, making for real lightning-variety anticipation and exhilaration.

Slingo Lighting by Slingo Originals is now live and available to play from participating operators. 

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Winning Prizes Bingo Style

Just the same as a Bingo player would go about creating winning patterns, Slingo Lightning awards prizes for the marking off of 5 numbers in a row. And again, not unlike a traditional online Bingo game, Slingo Originals have included the option to purchase extra spins the same as how Bingo players buy extra balls for additional chances of winning.

Better even than that is the inclusion of a Wild ball. The Wild allows the player to mark off any number from the row immediately above the reel on which it appeared. Also included is a Super Wild, a Bingo ball acting in the same way as would a substituting wild combined with the typical function of a Bonus Scatter, by allowing the player to mark off any number from the entire grid.

There’s also a Free Spin for the maximum win, and a Blocker feature erasing the potential for forming matches in certain positions on the grid. Combined, these features keep things interesting and edge-of-your-seat thrilling from start to finish.

A Proud New Slingo Creation

Slingo Lightning is a proud release for Slingo Originals, said a spokesperson for the team in the official pre-release media announcement.

Players will be struck by the brilliance of the way the game has been constructed. Even though the iconic Slingo grid has been preserved, the addition of 50 Bingo balls instead of 75, or even 90, makes the game to truly live up to everything its name suggests – more opportunities to hit a lucky streak of matches and the bagging of amazing cash prizes.

A lot of hard work had gone into the making of Slingo Lightning, said the team representative. For this reason especially, the Slingo Originals team is excitedly looking forward to see what Slingo fans make of their latest new creation.

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