Play’n GO Unveils New Viking Runecraft Bingo

By Ben Hamill - November 17 2020

Play’n GO Unveils New Viking Runecraft Bingo

Play’n GO has just turned one of its most popular slots of all time into a super impressive Bingo game. Featuring 90-ball online video Bingo, Viking Runecraft Bingo allows players to play up to 4 cards at any given time.

Just the same as when playing the online video slot title with which the game shares its title and storyline, Viking Runecraft Bingo features four Norse gods – each with their own unique Bonus game. Thor, god of Thunder, Odin, god of Wisdom, Heimdall, god of Vigilance, and Freya, goddess of Beauty, can all be triggered once their own individual outlines have been formed on a card.

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Extra Balls And Bonuses

In addition to the 90 balls and the option to multi-game by choosing to play a max total of 4 Bingo cards simultaneously, players can also choose to purchase extra balls so as to supplement their existing numbers in order to complete winning patterns on their cards.

Each card issued contains a total of 15 numbers – ranged between 1 and 90. A total of 30 balls are drawn in total – which corresponding numbers are then automatically dabbed (marked) off on the player’s online Bingo cards.

The exciting bit is that once the initial 30 balls have been drawn and marked off, players can then in the event of the potential price being equal to or over 8, choose to purchase up to a fantastic 13 extra balls. The 13th ball, being the final allowable extra ball, can only be purchased in the event of the possible price being more than or equal to 200. Best then is to play the game as close as possible to maximum bet, as since Viking Runecraft Bingo is a very high volatility game, this is where the magic really starts to happen in double time.

Gods And Jackpots

Extra balls, in addition to opening up a world of bonuses and big wins, also activate the potential to randomly trigger the Gift Of The Gods special feature. What’s more whenever the feature is triggered, that particular extra ball is added for free. The Gift Of The Gods feature can be triggered on extra balls numbers 1, 2, and 3.

Once triggered, depending on the god randomly activated, the following bonuses are awarded:

  • Thor – Bonus reel offering players the chance to spin for the opportunity to win any 1 of 5 phenomenal prizes.
  • Odin – Players get to choose between 1 of 2 mystery prizes.
  • Heimdall – Players get to choose 2 out of a total of 6 mystery prizes.
  • Freya – Players are granted an instant mystery prize.

The highlight feature of the game is however the Ragnarök Jackpot. Getting a Bingo result with all 4 cards in play triggers the opportunity to play for the jackpot. Picking 3 gold symbols from a board of 15 hidden symbols will instantly award the mighty jackpot prize money.

As far as games go, Viking Runecraft Bingo looks set to ignite the gaming scene and attract even more people to this ever-popular genre.

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