Play’n GO Stuns With Rainforest Magic Bingo

By Ben Hamill - June 12 2020

Play’n GO Stuns With Rainforest Magic Bingo

Award-winning casino software developer Play’n GO has just released an exciting new online game called Rainforest Magic Bingo. According to the developer the new release was inspired by their Rainforest Magic slot, and it features the same theme and similar style graphics. In fact, Rainforest Magic Bingo is a hybrid game of sorts, combining the best of Bingo fun with the best the world of online video slots has to offer.

The new release is 100% mobile friendly and supported by iOS, Linux, Android and Windows operating systems. This means that whether at home or on the go, the game can be accessed on just about any platform. And since the RTP has been set at 97.38%, and the volatility rated as medium, wins can be expected to come in hard and fast.

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Features & Progressive Jackpot

Rainforest Magic Bingo is jam-packed with fantastic special features the likes of extra balls, a progressive jackpot and not one, but two bonus features! The first of the two bonus features present players with the opportunity to win an instant mystery prize, and the second feature is presented in the style of a Pick-Me mini-game.

Just like when engaging in a typical game of Bingo, the numbers displayed on drawn balls will be marked off whenever those numbers correspond with those displayed on a set of numbers dealt to the player. Up to four cards can be played at any given time – with each card containing a total of 15 numbers that range between 1 and 90. When marked off, the numbers will create certain patters on the players cards. Prizes are based on the patterns created on the player’s card or cards.

Option To Buy More Balls

Best of all is that once the first of the balls have been released, players may opt in on purchasing up to an additional 13 balls more. And since more balls mean more numbers, more balls also mean an increased potential for completing better patterns and winning much bigger prizes.

The Mystery Prize feature is triggered by a specific pattern. This pattern is the highest paying pattern of them all. The pick-and-click Bonus feature has a triggering pattern of its own and invites the player to choose a magic stone displayed on the screen in order to reveal what is behind the stone. Five initial picks are automatically awarded.

Depending on what’s hidden behind the picked stones, a maximum of 3 extra picks can potentially be won.

Rainforest Magic Bingo looks set to be a huge success for Play’n GO and it’s sure to keep players rewarded and entertained in all the right ways.

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