Spearhead Unveil New Video Bingo Release

By Ben Hamill - September 11 2021

Spearhead Unveil New Video Bingo Release

iGaming developer Spearhead Studios have released their latest creation, and it may just be the finest work by the company to date. The new game is called Muertitos Video Bingo, and it invites players to travel into a world rich with culture, music, and dazzling visuals. This is, all in all, perhaps the most interesting and innovative game to be based around Bingo in some time.

Muertitos Video Bingo is, first and foremost, squarely based around the Mexican cultural phenomenon known as the Day Of The Dead. The game takes inspiration, both visually and in terms of audio, from the Day Of The Dead celebration, offering up a truly immersive experience.

Though, it isn’t all just about being visually impressive, with a number of other special features added to the traditional gameplay.

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Evolving A Classic

Muertitos Video Bingo does play as would be expected, following all the classic rules of the game. But Spearhead also decided to go beyond the norm, throwing in a few interesting features. Players can, if they choose, play on 4 cards simultaneously, increasing the potential of a win being awarded. Additionally, across active cards up to 18 winning combinations can be achieved at once, allowing for massive payments of up to 1,800x the original wager.

Beyond this is yet another interesting feature. Players who are close to getting the most lucrative winning patterns, but fall just short, are able to trigger an entirely new phase. During this phase extra balls are drawn, potentially including interesting Wild Balls. Wild Balls increase the potential of winning combinations being completed.

Muertitos Video Bingo is, all in all, a visually appealing, interesting Bingo title that is sure to please newcomers and veterans alike.

A Well Received Venture

Game development director at Spearhead Studios, Kevin Corti, shared some thoughts about the release. He first pointed out that this was his company’s first attempt at a Bingo game, the purpose of which is to help expand an already impressive catalogue of content. He then went on to explain that the Day Of The Dead theme had been carried over from another release, Book Of Muertitos, which had been released some time ago. He stressed that, since the theme in Book Of Muertitos had been so well received, the decision had been made to carry it over into the new project.

Book Of Muertitos released in May 2021 to near universal acclaim. Hopes are that Muertitos Video Bingo achieves equal amounts of success.