Bigger Bingo Payouts Proposed For Florida

By Ben Hamill - January 29 2021

Bigger Bingo Payouts Proposed For Florida

Floridians may soon be celebrating larger Bingo payouts than ever before, not to mention the legalisation of electronic Bingo games. This after Florida Senator Joe Gruters on Tuesday filed a new bill that will, if successfully passed, significantly increase the cap on instant Bingo prizes. Bill SB 840 will furthermore also establish certain regulations set to govern electronic Bingo cards in the sunshine state. 

Currently, Bingo legislation in Florida allows for no more than 4,000 Bingo tickets to be sold per game, and sets the prize payout at at least 65 percent of the total value of the receipts. In other words, in the event that 4,000 tickets were to be offered at $1 per unit, the winner would usually walk away with no more than $2,600 in prize money. What Gruters’ legislation proposes to do is to increase the cap on the  number of tickets allowed per game to 25,000. This would effectively hike the prize money to $16,250.

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About The New Bill

What Gruters’ bill doesn’t propose to change is the provision that allows only registered charities, veterans’ groups, and non-profits cleared for 501(c) tax exemption to host and operate Bingo games and events.

What it will however achieve is update the state’s Bingo laws in such a way that financially strained veteran and other charity organisations are able to raise the necessary funds to keep going and continue doing the vital work they’ve been doing in and among local communities to date. Modernisation of old and outdated legislation is considered key if this is to happen.

Gruters’ proposed bill also clearly stipulates conditions regarding who will be permitted to operate Bingo games (including electronic Bingo cards and games), and lays out prohibitions in terms of anybody convicted of fraud or a known former member of an illegal gambling and/or Bingo ring.

Bingo Is More Than Just A Game

Bingo is a dominant form of charitable gaming, and a game and activity that has been supporting local community initiatives as well as actual humanitarian efforts for hundreds of years.

Groups that have historically benefited from the game in incredibly significant ways include the physically and mentally challenged, senior citizens, and veterans and their families. Without charitable income generated by Bingo games and events, many people simply would not have access to community aid and services such as medicine, education, or even a means to just a basic form of livelihood and income.

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