Dunkin’ Donuts Launches Special Bingo Promo

By Ben Hamill - July 29 2019

dunkin' donuts

US multinational coffee company Dunkin’, perhaps most famous for its Dunkin’ Donuts line of sweet treats, is offering lovers of coffee the opportunity to engage in a very special treat of another kind. Dunkin’ has launched a special digital Dunkin’ Bingo promotion and its about to turn the adventure of a single cup of Java into a win-by-numbers festival of note.

A variety of special Dunkin’ gift cards are up for the winning and the coffee company has ensured that signing up and winning is as easy as 1-2-3! Players must be 18 years or older in order to qualify to play along and the registration process is very easy indeed. Simply enter your name, surname, age, state and email address on the special form provided on Dunkin’s home page, and Joe’s your uncle.

56,000 Gift Cards To Be Won

According to the information available on Dunkin’ Bingo’s website, there are at least 56,000 gift vouchers to be won. The website also includes a digital Bingo Game Board. Playing is as easy as heading on over to your local Dunkin’-selling grocery store and picking up a product or ten (come on, you would have been doing this, regardless!).

Then make your way on over to back to the digital Board and simply add the special 10-digit UPC number for each product to your board. Simply keep on adding your UPC codes until such time as you get a Bingo! result so that you may find out whether you get to a special gift card prize. Those who are awarded a Bingo will receive a special “win” message and those who weren’t lucky enough will see a “lose” notification, as per the rules of Dunkin’s contest.

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More Coffee And Bingo And F

Its important to note that each UPC code will be regarded as valid only once for the duration of the promotion, which will run from July 8th up to and including August 15th. For this reason, its important to shop around for more than one type of item if wanting to continue to generate new boards and enjoy more chances of winning.

Each person who chooses to participate will have the opportunity to stake their claim of up to 3 x $5 Dunkin’ vouchers. That’s a giant portion of coffee and donuts right there, not to mention even the highlight of the entire exercise, which is of course to play some Bingo!

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