Buzz Bingo Announces Slots Tournaments

By Ben Hamill - July 23 2020

Buzz Bingo Announces Slots Tournaments

UK Bingo giant Buzz Bingo has ventured into all-new territory by now offering to their players the chance to complete in online slots tournaments. And best of all is that these are played alongside fiends and/or fellow online players, which adds even more of a social element to the experience.

The operator describes its new slots tournaments as a chance to have a slots competition against your pals. And needless to say, winners get to walk away with some pretty awesome prizes. Free Spins or up to £250 in cold hard cash prize money are up for grabs every hour running from midday until midnight, weekly on a Wednesday.

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Wins Create Points

How it works is that Slots Tournaments are won by earning the highest number of points. Points are accumulated via in-game wins. The idea is therefore to nab as many in-game wins as possible in order to increase those win-making points.

And since all is fair in love and Bingo, Buzz’s Slots Tournaments system will at the beginning of each tournament inform the player what the maximum number of spins are that may be used to accumulate points. In other words, in the event that the system indicates that points will be awarded for a total of 100 spins, then any spin following the 100th spin will no longer count towards the player’s points-meter.

Players are also to take note that spins are paid for, and that the stake associated with each spin will be subtracted from the remaining cash balance.

Any Size Budget Is Welcome

The good news is that since how much money is bet on each spin has no bearing whatsoever on the number of points a player is potentially able to earn, there’s no need for blowing your entire Bingo bankroll in a single day.

This obviously also means that every participant has an equal chance of winning. The size of the bet makes no difference at all, and will neither advantage the big spender, nor disadvantage the more conservative one.

Joining a tournament is as easy as pie. Players eager to join in the Buzz Bingo Slots Tournaments fun can simply hit “Join” in the Slots Tournament Schedule. The option is also available on the leader board page. Once joined, the player then simply loads the game once the tourney has commenced.

Buzz Bingo runs regular promotions and competitions so as to ensure that players remain entertained and satisfied.

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