More Men Are Enjoying Online Bingo

By Ben Hamill - March 01 2021

More Men Are Enjoying Online Bingo

What’s been dubbed a seismic shift in how online Bingo is played across the UK has prompted WhichBingo to call on a complete reinvention of how online Bingo is approached on the development-end of things. According to a report recently posted by the independent online Bingo reviewer, the global health crisis of the past year has resulted in more young men having taken to playing the games than what had been the case before its outbreak.

The XLMedia group cautions that if a survey conducted among more than 800 UK-based adults are to be believed, then the industry will have to seriously consider a complete re-invention if its to remain relevant and on target. Design as well as marketing and commercial strategies will all have to be completely re-imagined so as to bring online Bingo in line with the latest swerve and customer dynamics.

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Something Good From A Crisis

Instead of continuing to target and cater for the traditional consumer, i.e. the consumer that’s traditionally engaged in Bingo games up until now, the industry will have to rethink its approach to online Bingo gaming, said XLMedia chief executive officer Stuart Simms.

Simms said the global health crisis forced a complete change in the way people enjoy themselves – including how they pass their leisure time when not at work, and largely how they approach rest and relaxation and leisure time online. The report, said Simms, shows a significant change in online Bingo consumer makeup and behaviour.

Simms also added that even though millions of Bingo players the world over are undoubtedly looking forward to a time they may be able to return to the lively atmosphere of a physical Bingo hall or venue, online Bingo should not lose sight of the fact that people will also be returning to the demands of their busy lives.

Survey’s Key Findings

The survey made a number of key and significant findings.

The number of men playing online Bingo more than doubled between 2020 and 2021, with up to as many as 75 per cent of all online Bingo players in the UK now male, and under the age of 44.

More than two-thirds of all online Bingo enthusiasts spend up to £50 per month, and the online vs. live Bingo hall attendance ratio is now a 48.52 split among British players.

Interesting to note, however, is that despite the rising interest in online Bingo among young men, women aged 25-54 remain more likely to play.

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