Retired Ontario Mother Wins $50k Instant Bingo

By Ben Hamill - January 13 2021

Retired Ontario Mother Wins $50k Instant Bingo

Being at the right place at the right time has paid off for 65-year-old retired banker and mother of four, Diane Webster. The Barrie native recently won an incredible $50,000 top jackpot prize with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation’s Instant Bingo.

According to an elated Webster, she purchased her winning ticket at a store she never goes to, using her change to buy in on the popular Bingo game. Enormous was her surprise when she realised that she had in fact not only won, but won big, said Webster of the enormous Bingo windfall, leaving her to wonder whether the win had actually happened to her.

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No Plans Yet For Her Winnings

As for how the retired Barrie banker plans on spending her new small fortune, she says she hasn’t any major plans for the money yet. Webster says even though the news of her big win has started to sink in, she still finds it hard to believe that it actually happened to her.

Everyone keeps telling her to go out and treat herself to something really special, but according to Webster, the only thing she can think of right now is to invest in a new set of golf clubs somewhere down the line in the future.

Webster purchased the winning Instant Bingo ticket from Alfie’s Variety on Cundles Road, Barrie.

New OLG Claim Arrangements

In order to comply with government-issued health and safety restrictions, and to help curb the spread of infections, the Crown corporation is currently limiting in-person claim appointments and press events. Winners of cash prizes of a value exceeding $50,000 will be invited to claim their winnings from the OLG Prize Centre, which is situated in Toronto.

Customers due to receive prize money in excess of $50,000 have been requested to make contact with the OLG by dialing 1-800-387-0098 in order to discuss all of the available options for the claiming of prizes. Prize money up to $49,999.90 should be requested from the Crown corporation via a mail-based request, the OLG has confirmed.

The Ontario gaming giant has said that the reason for said arrangements is that the general good health and safety of its customers as well as those in its employment, remains the operator’s main priority. The corporation also said it looked forward to announcing future arrangements regarding a possible return to the live and in-person claiming of prize money.

Instant Bingo, which offers a top jackpot prize of $50,000 is available at $3 a game.

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