Miss North Carolina Hosts Hospital Bingo

By Ben Hamill - November 28 2018

Miss North Carolina Hosts Hospital Bingo

oung hospital patients at the Vidant James and Connie Maynard Children’s Hospital had the privilege of playing a fun-filled game of bingo alongside local royalty on the afternoon of Monday, 26 November.

Inside the hospital’s seascape theater, dozens of youths were entertained by Miss North Carolina, Laura Matrazzo, who assisted in the game by drawing numbers and chatting with the patients and their parents, friends and family members during a very special event.

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Matrazzo Speaks About the Occasion

Speaking about the day, Matrazzo said that she cannot imagine what the children and their parents must go through during such trying times. This, she says, is especially pertinent when it comes to circumstances that force families to spend the festive holidays in hospital instead of in the comfort of their homes.

She added that they are very fortunate that the hospital is adorned with Christmas trees and holiday decorations a-plenty. However, she believes that seeing a new, smiling face complete with a pretty crown surely means a lot for everyone who was there on the day – and it meant a lot for her to be able to deliver a bit of Christmas cheer to the kids as well.

According to Matrazzo, the Miss America organization is very well integrated with Children’s Miracle Network hospitals such as Vidant. She confessed to the fact that she loves being with the young patients and keeping their spirits high, while also speaking about innovative new ways to raise money for their causes and many others.

In an interview, she said that it means very much for her to be at the hospital and to see the many years of learning about CMN that have taken place. She also relishes being able to raise money and speak to various integral members of the organization.

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Families Enjoy the Festivities

Ciara Gray, a mother who has been at the hospital with her baby for a few weeks, has said that being able to play a hearty session of bingo with Miss North Carolina has come as a ‘pleasant change’. She called the event a breath of fresh air, saying that it was great to have had something to do and to not have been stuck in her hospital room.

Child life specialist Amanda Rochelle has also said that the bingo event has come as something ‘new and exciting’ for patients and their family members. She noted that the game is something her staff get to do at the hospital, and that having someone like Miss NC come in to host it is a great experience for all in attendance.

In her words, it gives them a welcome break from being in the medical care facility, as they can participate in something fun and out of the ordinary once in a while. Different groups also come in and host sessions throughout the year, she revealed – although during the holidays, special hosting guests add an extra special touch to the heart-warming occasion.

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