Microgaming Announces Bingo Network Shutdown

By Ben Hamill - March 31 2020

Microgaming Announces Bingo Network Shutdown

Its barely been six months since Microgaming closed its proprietary Microgaming Poker Network and now its about to shut down its Bingo operations too. The company has said that the decision was made on the strength of it having headed in a new direction, being that of focusing exclusively on the intensified development of online casino software content.

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Microgaming has since having launched its independent studio partnership model added various independent developers into the mix – a model that has yielded fantastic results in terms of large-scale content and gaming diversification. The idea was to deliver to operators and players a greater variety of games and this goal has been reached over and over again since first launch.

Not A Good Fit For Microgaming

As for Bingo, the game has struggled to survive within the context of the gaming giant’s scope of operations. The company has explained that its decision to completely shut down its Bingo vertical followed a wide and extensive review process. Operators were first informed of a possible shutdown back in the beginning of the year, and Microgaming at the time advised that the shutdown would be gradual and on the back of a strategic schedule of decisions.

Microgaming has since the decision to shut down its Bingo vertical completely, started working closely together with those operator-partners tapping into its Bingo dynamic as a means to delivery of digital Bingo to players. The games giant has said that even though it isn’t at liberty to reveal the names of the affected operators, it is at least in a position to confirm that all necessary support is being made available to the affected businesses so as to cause as little disruption to everyday business activities as possible.

Thomas To Remain Put

Microgaming in June last year appointed former IWG commercial chief Leon Thomas as its new Managing Director for Bingo. The idea behind Thomas’ appointment was for him to apply his extensive knowledge to the challenge of an ailing Bingo vertical. Thomas however not too long following his appointment reported back that in his opinion, and despite his experience at Rank, bwin, NYX Gaming and various others, the gaming giant’s Bingo vertical was not salvageable.

Leon Thomas will remain in the employment of the developer and will in all likelihood continue to serve the company in a commercial leadership role. He has extensive experience in the development of long-term business strategies, and this will be put to good use as Microgaming continues to expand its own distribution of digital gaming content.

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