UK Player Wins Big In Online Bingo

By Ben Hamill - May 11 2020

UK Player Wins Big In Online Bingo

Vicky Bevan is proof yet again that one need not have played online Bingo for years and years on end to come out the other side a big winner. The Wigan (Lancashire, UK) resident, and a mum of three at that, has much to celebrate after having nabbed a positively brilliant and certainly life-changing £35,077 (roughly CA$60,598) win playing online at And the best part? Bevan won the humungous sum of money from a single £2 (CA$3.46) wager.

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Bevan only started showing an interest in online Bingo roughly 4 months ago. According to the Wigan resident, she discovered herself to be in absolute shock and unbelief the moment it dawned upon her that she’d not only won but won really big at that! Bevan, who works as a support worker in her hometown of Wigan, now wants to invest her online winnings in purchasing her very first home. A family-trip to Lapland is in there somewhere too, as soon as present travel circumstances allow, of course.

A Better Life After Bingo Win

Best of all is that the big win has made the mother of three and her children’s lives a lot easier. Bevan is convinced that she would never have been able to afford owning her own house had it not been for the big win. The win now enables her to pay a sturdy deposit towards first-time home ownership. It really is terribly exciting, said a clearly over-the-moon Bevan.

But Bevan isn’t the first big winner to have emerged out of Lancashire in recent weeks. A very lucky player from Rochdale won quite a bit of money playing online Bingo at the very same site very recently too. The player, who wishes to remain anonymous, won a fantastic £49,646 playing a dash of online Bingo not too long ago too.

Its A Fun Discovery To Make

Players all over the U.K. and the world are discovering online Bingo and exactly how much fun it can be. It’s a great pastime and a whole lot of fun to play. Best of all is that its easy to master, not requiring the player to memorise a whole lot of complicated rules.

Creating an online account is quick and easy too, making it as easy as 1-2-3 to get off to a great start. Players often relate having discovered an entire community of people interested in the same game as they, making the game even more fun and engaging to play.

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