Many Christmas Promotions Make It Warm Inside When It's Cold Outside

By Ben Hamill - December 20 2015

Merry Christmas

The Christmas season is the best time of the year to play bingo online. First of all, the weather starts to turn truly wintery and many bingo players who, like me, prefer playing at centres, choose to stay home rather than buck the elements. Another big reason to play online is that every online casino has a major Christmas season promotion. These promotions give online players a lot of Christmas cheer even though it's hard to win a big jackpot in any of them.

I also like playing online when it's too cold or snowy to venture out. I rarely chase promotions online but during the Christmas season, I like to peruse the many sites I'm familiar with and some I'm not familiar with looking for fun and interesting Christmas promotions. I might play some and at times I'll sign up just to play in some seasonal contests.

No Free Adverts Here

The purpose of this blog is not to promote any one casino or bingo centre so I will try to tell you about various Christmas promotions that have caught my eye without revealing their parentage.

Christmas Bonuses

In the spirit of giving some sites give free bonuses every day during December. The amounts of the bonuses vary; although none will make you rich many are quite substantial.


Another motif is Christmas Tournaments. Again the way these tournaments are set up varies but they are all designed to create multiple winners. Some are designed to make everyone or almost everyone a winner. In other tournaments, you compete every day and climb a leaderboard to determine the final big winner or winners.

As an aside, I am informed that at least one big designer of computer games and one well-known group of online casinos sponsor online gaming promotions every month in which as many winners as possible receive prizes. In some cases everyone who makes even a single wager wins! This type of promotion naturally has lower prizes per winner. It is not yet certain that this type of promotion will work in the long run in online casino gaming where so many gamers are looking for the get-rich-quick strike but in the world of online bingo it should work quite well. Bingo players generally don't expect massive wins; a win of hundreds or a few thousand dollars is considered satisfactory. Certainly in bingo centres but even in online bingo, the fun is the primary draw. That's why so many online bingo sites look like they were designed for little children, with kiddy colours, balloons, and stuffed animals festooning their pages.

The More the Merrier

Some online bingo sites have multiple promotions going on at the same time. One promotion might be for cash prizes whilst another may be for physical gifts. No one objects to winning a high-priced home video centre, now do they?

A Virtual Bingo Christmas Tree

Another Christmas motif is wrapped gifts that winners figuratively unwrap. Similar to this type of promotion is one where you are invited to do all your Christmas shopping through the Christmas bingo promotion. The site has thousands of dollars of items that you can "buy" by winning bingo games in this promotion. Especially for cold Canadians who, like most people, leave their Christmas shopping to the last week, this promotion can help cover a large number of Christmas gifts.

Get the Job Done

A fun promotion which is usually trotted out during the Christmas season but could work anytime is a game where players are assigned special tasks or duties. Without revealing details, you are rewarded for completing a task or doing a job well!

One Small Snowball….

I am intrigued by a "snowball" promotion. For twelve days, the top prize goes up, first incrementally and then by hundreds of dollars so the last top prize is worth $1000. This promotion is a raffle type of deal where you play for a given minimum amount and collect "raffle tickets". The drawing at the end of the day determines the winner so the more "tickets" you have in the virtual drum, the better your chances of winning. I have no statistics that show how well such a promotion works online but I suspect that it would work very well at a charitable bingo centre where the players don't expect big prizes and come happily ready to play for others' benefit!

It seems that even when I am "promoting" online bingo, I can't help but come back to my favourite topic, charitable bingo.