Legion Officially Reopen For Bingo In Orillia

By Ben Hamill - July 19 2021

Legion Officially Reopen For Bingo In Orillia

Popular Orillia Bingo hall, Legion, has once again opened its doors. Having been officially closed since December due to the world health crisis, guests are again able to visit. Legion president Rick Purcell was overjoyed with the announcement, saying that it was lucky that the venue had been able to stay operational at all. Sadly, many other Legion halls were forced to close over the course of the inactive months.

Purcell elaborated that The Royal Legion Branch 34 has been a popular gathering place for locals for years, with many relying on the venue as a means to socialise with friends. He added that many have already been calling to confirm that doors would once again be open, given how excited they are to get back.

But, despite doors once again being open, it isn’t all business as usual.

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Important Changes

Purcell explained that there would be some changes to the venue’s format, mostly in regard to schedules. He pointed out that the popular barbecue events, which normally only occurred once a month, would now be held biweekly. He stressed that the barbecues are normally sell-out occasions, but with a temporary biweekly schedule eager locals would now have a chance to get back to the venue every week, reunite with friends, and once again enjoy Bingo.

But despite the changes to the schedule, it seems as if things at this particular Legion are in good shape. It was revealed that the establishment had money in the bank at the start of the world health crisis restrictions, thus allowing things to stay above water during the rough months. Plus, government subsidies had also been provided, ensuring that finances were stable, even without regular business.

Everyone Welcome

The venues first day of business in months has been recorded as a giant success. It is normally only club members allowed at Legion, with the focus being on the excellent Bingo services provided. But on the day of reopening all of the community was invited, even those that had never been before.

Although Bingo has always been the biggest drawing card at Legion, the venue is also known to support local Canadian events, including the Santa Clause Parade, Canada Day, as well as youth sports events. Needless to say, locals will be eager to once again have the establishment back in business and will certainly be pleased to return to their hobby of choice.

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