Jane Lynch Recruited As In-Game Bingo Caller

By Ben Hamill - September 19 2021

Jane Lynch

The thought of having Emmy Award winning actress Jane Lynch as a Bingo caller may seem strange, given her incredible over qualification. But this just so happens to be a reality, at least if the game is being played online. It turns out that mobile game developer PlayStudios have recruited the actress, adding her talent to the myVEGAS Bingo game. Interestingly enough, according to the studio Lynch is just the first of long list of planned Celebrity Callers.

As would be expected, those playing the game will now hear the actress calling out the numbers as they appear. Though, it seems as if simply reading numbers isn’t all she did. According to the studio Lynch recorded over 4 hours of dialogue, including her celebrating with winning players, commenting on the progress of the game, and a variety of other fun surprises.

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A Full Collaboration

But the collaboration goes beyond just hearing a familiar voice. While playing myVEGAS Bingo players will be able to collect loyalty points, which in turn can be used to unlock a variety of fun collectibles. The lowest tier collectibles include Lynch Badges, while players that really stick it out and gather their points will be able to unlock the entire holiday album titled a Swingin’ little Christmas.

Additionally, points can be used to make contributions to the Direct Relief program, an organisation that is aimed at providing assistance to disaster struck areas.

According to Lynch herself, the experience was a blast. She said that working with PlayStudios had been a ton of fun, and even joked that if acting ever dried up she would be happy working the Sunbelt Bingo circuit as a permanent caller. She added that it had also been great to have been given the chance to assist charitable organisations, especially given that she had already worked with Direct Relief for some time.

A Comedic Natural

Andrew Pascal, PlayStudios CEO, shared some thoughts of his own. He commented that he had been thrilled to work with a true comedian and celebrated entertainer. He explained that Lynch was gifted with a larger-than-life personality, which in turn made her the obvious choice for the project.

Pascal added that, upon confirming the collaboration, he knew it would be a success, given that anything the actress added to the recordings was bound to be hilarious.

No doubt fans of Bingo and comedy will already be downloading myVEGAS Bingo to try it out for themselves.