Jacksonville Councilwoman Pushes For Bingo

By Ben Hamill - March 11 2019

Jacksonville Councilwoman Pushes For Bingo

Bingo has long been recognized as having definite redemptive qualities, especially when it comes to relieving the soul-destroying loneliness so often experienced by the ageing. Many Bingo halls struggle financially, and for many reasons not at all related to the popularity of the game itself. As a result, many have closed down all over England and the rest of Europe, leaving those who had depended on the game as a much-needed relief, socially destitute and very much alone.

But one Jacksonville Councilwoman wants to do her bit in order to ensure that, at least by some small measure, this does not happen. Ju Coby Pittman, a council member working in District 8 in Northwest Jax, has asked for the allocation of $20,000 in discretionary tax funding to be put towards a project that will see equipment being made possible at three separate Bingo centers for seniors. The allocated senior centers are situated in Clanzel Brown, Moncrief and Riverview; all of which are situated within the municipal jurisdiction of Northwest Jax.

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Why Bingo For Seniors Is An Investment

According to Pittman, she views the money to be spent on the seniors as an investment, and one that will benefit the various communities. Pittman also said that in her view, keeping the seniors in the regions socially stimulated in a constructive way was a very necessary action, and that caring for the aged was the responsibility of everyone.

Of course, councilwoman Pittman isn’t at all in the wrong. Social stimulation and general happiness in old age is directly linked to good health. Many senior citizens do not have private health care benefits, not because they don’t want to or are financially irresponsible in any way, but simply because they cannot afford the luxury of it all.

And if anything is true in our day and age, then it’s that good quality private health care has become a thing of luxury indeed.

The Ripple Effect

But what happens to those who cannot afford to pay for health care. It’s simple: they become a financial burden to government and to the pockets of taxpayers. By relieving the sheer weight and scope of the problem, millions of dollars can potentially be saved.

Endeavoring to make what seems to be a small difference can often go a very long way towards changing the world around us for the better. Perhaps Pittman’s request was born of exactly this.

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