IWG Awarded Exclusive Slingo Content Rights

By Ben Hamill - September 15 2019

IWG Awarded Exclusive Slingo Content Rights

Slingo originals by Gaming Realms are regarded as some of the best games available on the market today. Combining elements of Lottery-style numbered slot games with elements of Bingo, the concept is a unique take on the best of both worlds. Thanks to a recently concluded partnership agreement, instant win Lottery games specialist IWG is now in a position to offer Gaming Realms’ entire Slingo portfolio to its global player base.

The portfolio included in the deal features highly popular Slingo titles, including Deal or No Deal Slingo and Slingo XXXtreme. IWG will be offering the award-winning range of games to Lottery operators and associations via its trademark progressive play remote game server. The deal stipulates that IWG now owns the sole mandate to distribute the superb range of titles to its North American Lottery partners as well as to the rest of its global Lottery operator base.

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Building On A Solid Foundation

IWG CEO Rhydian Fisher confirmed the terms of the new deal and said that the reason that the exclusive mandate was so important to the instant win games specialists was the fact that the two brands had worked together on various endeavours for many years and were old partners in the entertainment game. Fisher said that it was fantastic that IWG and Gaming Realms have the unique opportunity of extending on years’ worth of partnership success.

The exclusivity of the deal is what is most valuable to IWG, said Fisher, as this would allow the supplier to distribute Slingo titles to all of its world partners and in so doing attract even more interest to its growing list of Lottery operators.

IWG A Top iLottery Distributor

IWG has been a firm fixture on the Gaming Realms partnership front, and for many years. It was after all IWG that had created instant win Slingo games. Instant Win Slingo, said IWG, has become an unmissable part of its games portfolio and is exceptionally popular among players all over the globe.

The distribution of original Slingo iLottery titles to Australia and New Zealand, North American and beyond, is regarded as a high-value opportunity by Gaming Realms’ CEO, Patrick Southon. According to the CEO, IWG is one of its most valued distributor partners and it also regards the latter as one of the top iLottery games distributors in the world today. Southon said that it was tremendously exciting to be in a position to elaborate further on the highly successful collaborations between the two entities to date.

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