It May Be Advantageous to Venture Outdoors in a Snowstorm

By Ben Hamill - December 20 2015

I last spoke about the convenience and comfort of playing bingo online when the weather gets cold and snowy and icy. To ease your temporary changeover from bingo centres to bingo sites, I reported that the online sites celebrate Christmas the way it should be celebrated—with excellent promotions.

I am very glad that most online bongo sites are not yet afraid to say Christmas. I don't mind the euphemism "Holiday Season" because I know that Hannukah and Kwanza are also celebrated in December. But it is still Christmas time and I like when a site recognizes it as such!

Are There Any Advantages to the Canadian Winter

There are advantages to going out and playing bingo at a centre even when the weather brings up that annual question: "What am I doing here?"

Advantage in Numbers Reversed

The fact that so many fewer players come out when the North Pole takes up residence in Canada's lowest latitudes works to the advantage of those players who do go out! Competition always takes a percentage of wins away from you. When low attendance reduces the competition, you stand to win more often.

Speed Daubing

Play more cards than you normally play. The odds of any one card winning any given game is a simple mathematical calculation. If there are 100 cards in play, the odds are 100-1 that any one card will win. If there are 100 cards in play and you hold 10 of them then the odds of one of your cards winning is 10-1. In a twenty game session, one of your cards should win twice.

Choose Your Own Cards

Don't buy game card packs. You don't know how often cards will almost repeat numbers. Spend an extra five minutes and choose cards that are as different as possible.

Play Where to Rewards are Highest

Figure out the best place to play by the size of wins for regular bingo and the size of wins for jackpots. It could be that playing where there are more players but higher jackpots is a good choice. During the better weather seasons, this calculation may be more difficult to make but where there are far fewer players it should be relatively easy to make.

Learn Your Cards for Faster Daubing

When you play a lot of cards in the winter, it pays to play at a centre that will let you hold your cards over. The reason for this is not because some cards are "lucky" or that some cards are "due". This is nonsense as every card has the same chances of winning as any other card even if the card has just won. The simple reason that holding over your cards is good practice when you play more cards than you normally play is because you get to know your cards and you can daub more quickly and more accurately.

Pay Attention to the Pattern

A bingo card that has already been daubed up quite a bit may be hard to read when you're playing an unusual pattern. Some players pre-daub their cards to eliminate numbers they don't need to win. Like I said, some players do this. I tried it once and it didn't work for me.

Read From Left to Right

We read from left to right, so when you are looking quickly to see if you have the number called, look at the whole number but scan quickly for the digit to the left. For example, to find 35 look for the digit 3 to the left. You don't need to know the digit to the right if you don't have a three to the left.

Channeling Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin was an American leader of the American Revolution. But he had a maxim that is appropriate to this discussion: "early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise."

Get plenty of sleep. You might choose to play a post-midnight session because these sessions are even less well attended than sessions at regular hours. But if you play late at night, you have to be more alert than usual, as well!

Hear Only What you Want to Hear

Try to filter out all distractions. You can't wear ear plugs because then you wouldn't hear the numbers being called. So you have to train yourself to be like people who live near a train track: filter out unwanted background noise.

No Flirting

Sit as close to the caller as possible but don't bring an apple! This will not make you caller's pet. It will just make it that much easier to hear the numbers.

Train Your Brain

Bingo is such a simple game: hear number, daub number. But it has been shown that after playing bingo for many years many elderly players show more mental acuity than the average person of their age. It is understood that there is nothing special about bingo per se but that there is something special about games. Playing games that require mental acuity or quickness sharpens your thought processes. Bingo does require some mental quickness to hear and daub quickly. It doesn't require much acuity except in remembering the pattern being played. But it would probably help to play other games that also require mental quickness and acuity.

Talk to the Bingo Centre's Manager

During the long hard winter many centres try to alter their schedules to accommodate the largest number of players. They don't have the resources to do market surveys; they rely on player feedback. So provide such feedback! It could work out that they will schedule a session when it is most convenient for you.

Winter Will Soon Be Over

When playing any game or enduring another Canadian winter, having a positive attitude always helps!