HAGI TV Bingo Takes A Bow – But Not For Long

By Ben Hamill - May 14 2021

HAGI TV Bingo Takes A Bow – But Not For Long

Is there anything more satisfying, not to mention rewarding, than to play along with televised Bingo from the comfort of home, while knowing it’s all for a phenomenally good cause? Probably not. And that’s exactly what HAGI TV Bingo is all about. And it’s been the story for this season of the popular game and show also.

What’s been happening as a result of stay-at-home orders has been crazy, says long-time HAGI TV Bingo host Gary Cooper. The unprecedented situation has led to early-Monday morning lineups – with eagerly anxious Bingo players waiting to drop off their game cards at stores around Thunder Bay and surrounding communities.

And then of course, once those sheets have been dropped off for processing – that’s when the sold out signs start going up for the next week’s run, with Bingo sheets oftentimes sold out in a matter of only hours.

It should come as a surprise, however, considering the prize money of between $3,000 and $5,000 being up for grabs every week.

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Weekend’s Season Finale

But as good as its been this season, it all comes to a close this coming Saturday night, or at least it does until next season, which commences in the fall.

Cooper says this weekend is by no means the last of it, only the season finale. And once HAGI TV Bingo makes its return in September in the fall, the plan is to have more sheets available than what had been the case for the most part this season. Also, more $5,000 prizes are going to be made available for the win.

In fact, the ideal, said Cooper, would have been to have more Bingo sheets available already this season. Several obstacles however had other ideas, including the supplier of the cards having exceeded their own printing and supply capacity and regulations stopping them short from re-filling their stock from an alternative Bingo printer.

More Bingo – More Doing Good

The thing about HAGI TV Bingo is that the more Bingo gets played, the more funds are raised for those in need. HAGI TV Bingo every summer helps send people with physical challenges for an outdoor experience to HAGI Wilderness Discovery Camp. The money raised by ticket sales helps to offer to them the sort of outdoor experience that can be difficult or even impossible to get at other Ontario locations because of movement and accessibility challenges.

Next season will be different, says Gary Cooper, because next season will be even bigger.

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