Good Bingo News Abounding

By Ben Hamill - June 30 2016

Bingo Cards

In my last post I was admittedly a bit over the top so this time I'll simply report on some interesting bingo news from around the world and Canada.

John Morson and 15 other members of the Gentleman's Club of Kirkland, held a bingo fundraising event at the Kirkland Chartwell Manor. Happily, the fundraiser garnered $3182 for the West Island Cancer Wellness Centre.

Morson founded the Gentleman's Club in 2014 as a place for men to get together socially and to become more active in the larger society.

The youngest of the members is a spritely 74 years of age whilst the grandpappy of them all is fully 95 years old! In only two years, the Gentleman's Club has raised money for the West Island Women's Shelter and the Lakeshore General Hospital. In the wake of the devastating fire that raged in the Fort MacMurray area, the Gentleman's Club raised money for the Red Cross effort to help families and others who lost so much in the fire.

At the bingo event the 15 organizers welcomed 130 guests.

Bingo Turns Up Everywhere We Look

Last year, Lynn Turcotte from Gameti, NWT stated a sewing class. She started with only four women and has grown in one short year to 12 members. The women have been creating quilts and other accessories. Amongst the "other accessories" label are bingo bags!

They are selling the 24 quilts and the many other accessories on Sunday June 19 at the community hall in Gameti.

Bingo in the Wild

According to Jen Nuncio, State Park Naturalist at the Big Sioux Recreation Area, every summer weekend will be packed with activities as long as summer lasts in South Dakota. Campground hike bingo and scavenger hunt bingo are making a comeback in South Dakota.

In Bingo it's not Always a Good Idea to Increase Prizes

In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania recently passed a law allowing bingo halls and churches to raise the size of their prizes. To the surprise of no one who knows anything about the economy of bingo halls and church-centred charitable bingo, the move had no affect whatsoever on the size of the crowds at local halls and church events.

Carol Fiskin of Good Shepherd Church Bingo said that their bingo events are still well-attended but they haven't raised prizes. She said that to do so would be to raise entrance fees and card prices. Given that most bingo players are older citizens on a relatively small fixed income, to raise the cost of their weekly bingo entertainment would drive them away from the hall and into the waiting arms of online bingo.

Reality Always Wins in the End

Since the trend in bingo is either land-based with a considerable casino element, not the old-fashioned bingo middle-aged people grew up with, or online bingo, I have decided to devote some of every blog for the foreseeable future to online bingo.

As my faithful readers already know, I like to play bingo online. I don't publicly support any one bingo site. Whilst I much prefer bingo at centres I also enjoy some bingo fun at home in my civvies, especially when the Canadian wind is howling outside my window!

A Subject For Many a Night

Online bingo is a big subject so I will deal with it slowly, in bits and pieces each time I write. There are dedicated bingo sites online and there are many online casinos that offer several, even many bingo games. Some online casinos have small progressive jackpots connected to bingo games. It is quite understandable why so many people have taken to online bingo either as a complete replacement for land-based bingo centres or as a complementary bingo experience.

The latter cohort tends to play more online every month and less at centres. It is the nature of our times.

Choosing an Online Bingo Site

When you play any game for money online, you have to deposit money with the company running the site. Most people have gotten used to the idea of buying things online and waiting for delivery. We've all bought clothes online that come delivered in a colour we did not choose or in a size too small for our spreading frame or some other problem. We have become used to dealing with faceless anonymous people online.

Happily, most of the time, we get our money back. Online gaming is similar yet different. First, the company is not delivering a product within a given number of weeks. If you deposit $100 they hold onto your money until you gamble with it.

Safety is Paramount

It is very important to be absolutely sure that your money will be safe at the site even if you don't use it for a protracted period of time. This does happen: we deposit and then get involved with other matters and before we know it a month or two has passed.

There are numerous sites that review bingo sites. Whilst much of the information may not be up to date, the financial information is usually quite accurate. So, make sure that the site is reputable.

Payouts Vary so Check Them

Next find out how much of all the money wagered is returned to players. In bingo, the return rate may vary quite a bit from site to site. Any bingo site that you could consider must have payout information readily available on the homepage. If the information is there, it will always be at the bottom of the page but it should be there.

If by some strange turn of events, the information is not there, go immediately to another site. There are plenty of fair bingo sites online that you need not support any specific bingo site simply because you really like their graphics and colour scheme.

Online Bingo Should Be Great Fun

As I have said many times, I personally prefer the atmosphere at a bingo center but I also enjoy playing bingo online. It takes a little bit of due diligence to find a good online location for your bingo budget but it's well worth it.