B.C.’s Golden Bingo Continues To Boom

By Ben Hamill - January 25 2021

B.C.’s Golden Bingo Continues To Boom

Many a great movement initially starts small, only to go on to become something greater than even its creators anticipated or intended – and Golden Rotary Club’s Golden Bingo is an excellent example of exactly that. Initially offered as a way to keep locals at home and entertained following those first stay-at-home orders issued around April last year, Golden Rotary Club’s Golden Bingo on Facebook has since grown into something so much bigger than anyone could have anticipated.

What started out as a simple Facebook-streamed Bingo gaming session soon became so big that it had ballooned to the point of its creators having to pause the proceedings in order for BC Lotteries to review the gaming processes so as to ensure compliance with local regulations, said Golden Rotary Club spokesperson Greg Ehman.

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Exceeded Expectations

It had been at that point, explained Ehman, that a crucial decision had to be made, being that of deciding to either keep the operation going in the the way it had been going, or to expand it into something even bigger. But since keeping the online Bingo at the Golden club alone wasn’t going to be sustainable because of the club’s size and own limitations, the decision was eventually made to start offering the product to other Rotary clubs in the region.

Clubs that have since joined the online Bingo fold include Cranbrook, Trail, Grand Forks, Radium, Invermere, and Rossland, said a proud Ehman. Now that expansion has taken place, and certainly also continues to happen on a provincial scale, the biggest part of the southern part of British Columbia are now actively participating in Golden Rotary Bingo, Ehman explained.

Bingo Continues The Good Work

The result was one of Golden Bingo having before too long, outgrown the limitations of its licensing. This has led to a recent decision on Rotary’s part to yet again increase their own Bingo licensing.

And since increased licensing meant generalised expansion, the club has in the meantime had to purchase a brand-new Bingo machine, as well as limit things such as pay-out restrictions. Following the grand licensing expansion, Golden Bingo now offers elevated prize pots of up to $20,000 distributed between the two games staged every Friday evening.

The journey so far has been truly amazing, said Ehman, and especially so in terms of watching the game grow and new communities joining in all the time. Amazing too has been the opportunity to facilitate several special projects such as the Angel Tree project, which has helped members of the community get access to desperately needed medical care.

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