Girl Scouts Troop’s Kindness Bingo A Hit

By Ben Hamill - April 24 2020

Girl Scouts Troop’s Kindness Bingo A Hit

It’s true that the most challenging of times often mark periods of exceptional human kindness. And our present-day human health crisis is no different. Just ask the members of Girl Scout Troop 83824. Wanting to spread some desperately needed joy instead of a nasty threat to public health, the troop has decided that the best way out of our FOMO mess is a weekly game of Kindness Bingo. And it’s not only for girl scouts either – as a matter of fact, it’s open to anyone who wants to play along.

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The Bingo-loving troop consists of 12 sixth graders from Monroe Township Middle School and Spotswood’s Immaculate Conception School, respectively. Many of the troop’s members have been in the scouts since before school and are currently seventh-year Girl Scouts. And according to this particular troop of Girl Scouts, it’s important to not only help when times are good, but also when they are hard and difficult and challenging.

Kindness Comes In 25s

The girls have come up with a total of 25 acts of kindness. These acts are described on the actual online Bingo cards. According to Girl Scout Oliva DelValle, the project is perfect not only to connect with the community each week, but also to show love and appreciation to the nation’s health care workers.

As for the actual Bingo board, the girls have managed to turn it into a great deal of fun. Each act of kindness calls on specific action by the player. Tasks include sending flower seeds to plant to someone by mail order, making ice cream in a bag, painting rocks with special messages, making a card for or sending a special treat to a health worker, etc. And best of all is that according to one of the girls in the group, most of the girls are nearly nearing the end of the Bingo board.

Entry Fee Is A Donation

But the troops also ask for a $5 donation per Kindness Bingo participant, so that they are able to provide each of the players with a special Girl Scouts Acts of Kindness patch. As for the money won when playing, all proceeds over and above the costs related to the manufacturing of the patches, will be donated to the health care workers working at Saint Peter’s University. The proceeds will be used to buy meals for the healthcare workers. 

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