Have Fun With Halloween Bingo

By Ben Hamill - October 20 2018

Halloween bingo

It’s that time of the year again! Fall is approaching fast, and fans of Halloween are already flocking to stores to stock up on pumpkins, spooky decor and the likes to celebrate the season.

While it has been around for centuries, nowadays, Halloween is though to be more of a children’s holiday than an occasion for adults to celebrate. However, in actual fact this couldn’t be further from the truth – what’s wrong with a terrifying cocktail night, or an evening of action-packed Halloween bingo? If you like the sound of the latter in particular, we’re here to help!

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Step 1: Brush Up on Your Skills

If you’re a bingo veteran, chances are you won’t need any reminders about how to play your favorite time. However, if you’re planning a game for the first time, there are many resources on the web that can help. You could even try a few free to play online games at a top Canadian casino to get the ball rolling and get your knowledge on point.

Step 2: Halloween Bingo Cards

The first thing you’ll need for a frightful night of gambling fun is some themed card to start stirring up excitement. There are many free online card creators that you can customize, adding images like broomsticks, witches’ brooms, jack-’o-lanterns and candy instead of the traditional winning combinations on offer. Also remember to print out a visual aid of these symbols so that your guests know what’s what.

Spooky house

Step 3: Setting the Scene

Where are you having this game? How many people will attend? These are all essential questions to ask when preparing your venue. Whether you’re hosting at home, at a bar, or even at a church or charity function, be sure to decorate the walls with plenty of skeletons, bats, cobwebs, pumpkins, and anything else that takes your fancy. You could even host a dress-up party to bring an even spookier spirit to the event… no pun intended!

Step 4: Choose Your Prizes

What’s bingo without some juicy prizes to match? Here’s your chance to really get creative, no matter how old your audience is. You could stick with lovely prizes more geared towards adults like bottles of wine, bars of fine chocolate, or other refined treats – or you could go for a tongue-in-cheek approach with novel prizes from your nearest Halloween store. If you’re on a budget, you could even hand out candy, just as you would to trick-or-treating kids on the night.

Vampire costume for Halloween

Step 5: Find a Caller

A great idea for a caller during a night of Halloween would be someone who could do various scary voice impressions to add an extra eerie atmosphere to the room. However, anyone with a great personality will do the trick – but remember to dress them up in appropriate garb to encourage your other guests to do the same!

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